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A new Limited Edition IQOS 3 DUO for IQOS CLUB Members

By IQOS Team

Antigoni Psychrami and Dimitris Makalias presenting an IQOS Club exclusive event

The May full moon, or Flower Moon, was hiding a plethora of surprises for the members of IQOS CLUB who got to know the new Limited Edition IQOS Moonlight Silver, before it is launched, at a unique livestreaming, interactive night full of music and dance.

The event took place under the light of the full moon on the Gazarte roof top, with presenters Antigoni Psychrami and Dimitris Makalias who, with never-failing good humour, gave the signal for the dancing to begin!

The night’s music was provided by the much-loved band Gadjo Dilo. With its gypsy-swing sound the band managed to get the presenters on their feet and also to get the members of IQOS CLUB up from their couches and enjoying the night from home.

Gadjo Dilo’s great cover versions followed one after the other and Antigoni Psychrami and Dimitris Makalias... accepted the challenge and joined in one of them "as friends"!

Everyone attending the event had the chance to exchange messages which were read out live on air by the presenters. So, we all became one big group of friends and experienced something that is self-evident in the IQOS CLUB: Together, we turn the moments into unique experiences !

The evening would not have been complete without a special (non-alcoholic) cocktail made by the specialist bartender Antonis Mantzaridis who explained the recipe step by step so people can enjoy it at home in the full moon or at any other time!

Moonlight Silver Limited Edition: Available soon

IQOS CLUB members have already got to know it, but it will soon be officially released in stores and on

Inspired by the magic of the night, Moonlight Silver comes in a warm, silver color, with bright, vibrant accessories which were created with inspiration from the daylight.

The Limited Edition device will be available for a limited time.

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If you want to experience nights like the Flower Moon Night, as well as other unique experiences, join IQOS CLUB and a world where you will be rewarded over time for choosing IQOS.

Only IQOS CLUB lets you enjoy special privileges and earn points for your IQOS purchases! Don’t waste any more time.

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