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IQOS Collaboration with the Fashion Designer Sara Battaglia

Meet the designer behind the new IQOS CLUB collaboration!

IQOS is collaborating with Italian fashion designer Sara Battaglia who is well known for her vibrant and colorful designs that open new perspectives. Sara believes in opportunities of combining fashion with practicality!

Sara Battaglia has always felt the need to create, design and bring something new into the world. Born and raised in Milan, she immersed herself in the fashion world at an early age. She soon realized the role she wanted to play in it: a creator of her own, colorful and vibrant world with an entirely new perspective – based on the idea that “rainbow is a color”.

Discovering her passion for colors and learning about the importance of one’s inner worth, was a turning point for Sara. It enabled her to shape the fashion industry, instead of simply adhering to it. The rainbow became the iconic and recurring theme in her work, and a way to express how amazing change can be.

As a fashion designer, Sara believes it is not about how you look but about how you feel inside. Her designs carry a clear, undiluted message: wear who you are with confidence. Having the confidence to drive change is at the foundation of IQOS and at the heart of our collaboration with Sara. Sharing the same appreciation for high quality materials and exceptional design, her pieces pair fashion with a remarkable attitude towards practicality which is captured in the collaboration with IQOS.

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To me “Rainbow is a color”

An interview with breakthrough Designer Sara Battaglia.

IQOS CLUB: Hi Sara, congratulations to the IQOS x Sara Battaglia accessories collection. It looks amazing. You chose the rainbow as the main theme. Why?

Sara: Colors are more than what we see. They’re sentimental. And they’re at their best when they come as a group. I chose rainbow because it's my absolute favorite color. To me rainbow is a color.

IQOS CLUB: You were born and raised in Milan with the fashion world at your doorstep. Have you ever thought of becoming something else than a fashion designer?

Sara: I started drawing very early. And I have always felt the urge to design and bring something new into this world.

IQOS CLUB: Have you ever doubted yourself?

Sara: I've always loved designing, I've always known it inside of me. But I wondered, will I be enough? And at some point, I realized that I had to start doing it without thinking too much about it, following my instincts. Sometimes a change in perspective is all it takes.

IQOS CLUB: What makes you happier? When your collections are presented at Milan Fashion Week or when you discover them in real life?

Sara: I'm always very happy when I see amazing personalities like Cate Blanchet, Naomi Campbell or Queen Rania wearing my designs. But every time I see a woman on the street wearing one of my pieces it creates highest emotions in my life. To finally see them after all those hours of drawing, decision-making and all the effort that went into the product. It makes me so happy.

IQOS CLUB: Last but not least: What are your favorite places in Milan. What would we recommend to people visiting your hometown?

Sara: My favorite places in Milan are the Giardini di Palestro and the small San Fedele square which is one of the most beautiful squares in Milan – and not everyone knows it yet.

IQOS CLUB: Sara, thank you so much for the interview.

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