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ΙQOS Stores are Covid-Shield for 2nd year in a row

IQOS Stores interior

The IQOS stores were certificated as “CoVid-Shield”* by the independent accredited certification body TÜV Austria for second year in a row, ensuring excellent customer service during the pandemic.

Your safety is our top priority, that’s why we take care to comply with all appropriate measures against the spread of COVID-19. For that reason we have built a strong relationship of trust with you, which is verified by our consumer ratings for their experience during their visit to IQOS stores.

“The safety of our customers and employees is a top priority for us. We are particularly pleased with the certification that the IQOS stores have received for a second year in a row, as it confirms the sense of safety that customers enjoy from the moment they enter the stores. What makes us most proud of all, however, is the flexibility shown by the IQOS stores, which in the midst of a pandemic have managed to provide their incomparable customer service experience in conditions of absolute and certified safety for everyone”, noted Mrs. Vagia Simoglou, Head Direct Retail at Papapastratos.

Visit the renovated IQOS Stores

IQOS Stores are revamped with one top purpose: To provide you safe and top quality services. They have a new identity, completely renovated spaces, more points of interaction and new service areas for even richer experiences.

In selected store you can find the Discovery bar, a space specially designed to get to know the world of IQOS even better.

The new IQOS logo with the "key" symbol also plays a leading role in the stores. Its center symbolizes enjoyment, which is the core of our brand, while its 3 ends represent the 3 values of IQOS: confidence, belonging and progress.

IQOS logo

We are looking forward to serve you safely in our fully renovated stores!

*The Private Certification Scheme “CoVid-Shield” was developed by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas with a focus on Health, Safety and Business Continuity.

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