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Did you make the change? One more is about to come!

Share your best shot with IQOS from 4/11 to 17/11, and win an 10,000€ life changing IQOS experience!

Win, choose the one that suits you the best and change your life!

Travel the world in 20 days!


Travel to the most beautiful cities in the world: London, New York, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo & Istanbul...

Included: Airline tickets for 2 people to and from each destination and accommodation in four- or five-star hotels. Breakfast is also included.

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Live a VIP life in Dubai or New York for 6 days!


Choose your favorite destination and make the most luxurious vacation of your life...

New York
Includes business class airline tickets for 2 people to and from New York with Emirates Airlines or British Airways, transfer to and from the hotel with limo, 5-star New York's downtown hotel accommodation (breakfast included), private helicopter city tour.

Includes business class airline tickets for 2 people to and from Dubai with Emirates Airlines,transfer to and from the hotel with limo, accommodation in Atlantis Palm Hotel (breakfast included), ride on traditional boat in Burj Khalifa Lake, visit to the Burj Al Khalifa Tower, camel safari in Al Khayma Camp, private tour in Abu Dhabi.

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Transform your house or business to suit your always wanted standards!


Renew your home or business and live the day-to-day life you dream of...

House part renovation (i.e. kitchen-bedroom, bathroom-bedroom, two bedrooms etc.), includes interior design study, furniture purchase and installation, colorings.


Outdoor space renovation garden or small balcony, landscaping design, furnishings and plantings.


Business space renovation (e.g. kitchen-office space, bathroom-office space, office-meeting space, etc.), includes interior design study, furniture purchase and installation, colorings.

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