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IQOS Coach Service Terms & Conditions


IQOS Coach is an intensive service and customer support program, during the early days following the IQOS purchase, which is part of the overall IQOS ‘after-sales’ customer service. Created especially for you in order to fulfill your initial sustained needs to support the correct and safe use of the product.

Why to participate in IQOS Coach?

By joining IQOS Coach you will have the following capabilities:
-Qualified personal consultants (Coaches) will contact you at your contact details you fill out (mobile phone and e-mail), for a period of 10 days after your registration (or for longer in case you ask for it to them).
-Qoaches will provide you all the necessary information and they will guide you through in regards to the safe and proper use of the product, its’ better maintenance, cleaning and charging methods. They will also discuss with you about your experience of using IQOS and will answer your questions about the product. They will also inform you on your capability to participate in promotions and on surprises and privileges that you may be able to receive during the Program.
-Your personal Coach will be available to contact him/her at the IQOS Customer Service Center in Greece, in order to receive the optimal support and service.

How may I register?

IQOS Coach participation is your own initiative. In particular, at the time you purchase your new IQOS device, either through our website at / or by calling our Customer Service Center, you have the opportunity to add this program or you may ask the Call Agent to do it for you, in case of a Call order. All you have to do in order to sign up is to add the service to the shopping cart at the IQOS site.

Terms & Conditions for participation in IQOS Coach Service

In IQOS Coach, may participate all the adult smokers who first purchased the IQOS device and want to be part of a more intensive after-sales customer service program, involving a two-way communication, through a dedicated personalized consultant - a representative of the IQOS Customer Service Center. Following your sign-in to Qoach program, you grant your consent to "iqos team" to process your personal data for the above-mentioned purposes You can withdraw this consent and suspend your participation in the Program at any time by sending an email to or by contacting your Coach or by calling the IQOS Customer Service Center 800 111 4767 or 210 4193 888. The duration of this Program is 10 days (unless a minor extension is agreed between the Coach and the IQOS user). The Coach Consultant is also entitled to cease the Program in case of any reason. Upon completion or termination of the Program, you may continue receiving full after-sales service through a variety of Customer Service (IQOS) channels such as ‘IQOS Customer Service Center’ (but without personal guidance from IQOS Coach). Call charges do not exceed the charges for urban calls from your provider (depending on whether you are calling from a mobile or landline).
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