IQOS means a change for you and for those around you

Find out about the reasons why IQOS is a better choice than cigarettes for you and those around you

Enjoy a more pleasurable experience

IQOS heats tobacco without burning it. As a result, you can enjoy the authentic flavour of tobacco without burning, without ash and without cigarette smoke.

Forget about the smell of stale tobacco smoke

Compared to the strong and lingering smell from cigarettes, IQOS means less smell on your hands, hair and clothes. If used exclusively, the IQOS leaves significantly fewer stains on teeth and leaves a better aftertaste in the mouth. Your breath smells better than when you used to smoke cigarettes and you feel more comfortable when you approach other people.

You respect those around you

The smell that "lingers" in the area is transient and disappears quickly, so it does not "permeate" the curtains, furniture, etc. in the way that cigarette smoke does. Also, as the tobacco does not burn and there is no ash, you can keep the area clean and you don’t need to worry about burning anything with the tip of the cigarette.

Say goodbye to cigarette lighters and ashtrays

You can forget burning and ash once and for all, so you don’t need to go looking for a lighter or for an ashtray for ashes.

Add some style to your everyday life

IQOS was awarded the GOOD DESIGN® Award. Thanks to its elegant and compact design, it is a perfect match for your style and you can take it with you easily wherever you go.

See how IQOS has changed the lives of other consumers.

Real IQOS users talk about how they made the big transition. They managed to leave cigarettes in the past and make IQOS part of their daily routine, and changed their lives.


This tobacco product is harmful to health and addictive.
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