A brand new experience in flavour and aroma

The truth is that IQOS have a very different aroma and flavour from cigarettes. There is one important reason for this. HEETS contain real tobacco from specially selected varieties, which we source from quality producers around the world. This allows us to offer a brand new experience in tobacco flavour and aroma.

Tobacco Leaves

The distinctive aroma and its advantages

The aroma produced by IQOS is different from whatever you are used to. However, if you compare it with cigarette smoke, you'll quickly realise that the "stale" smell of cigarette smoke is a thing of the past. And this is because:

  • The smell from IQOS does not linger and disperses quickly
  • Both you, and those around you, will be able to forget about unpleasant odors clinging to your hair, clothes and hands
  • The smell that IQOS "leaves behind" in the area does not "permeate" the curtains, furniture, etc. in the way that cigarette smoke does.
  • Your breath will smell much better and you will feel more comfortable when you approach people around you.

Tobacco Leaves
IQOS HEETS Sortiment

Different flavour, full satisfaction

Although IQOS has a different flavour from cigarettes you will feel just the same satisfaction as the nicotine you receive when using a HEET is just as fulfilling as that in a cigarette.

HEETS have a different, but more authentic, flavour than cigarettes because the tobacco is heated not burned. After all, pleasure does not only come in one flavour. You can try all 7 flavours of HEETS and you will be sure to find the one that suits you.


This tobacco product damages your health and is addictive.
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