Guide to starting with IQOS

Secrets for an easy & enjoyable transition

The basic tips for how to enjoy the best IQOS experience immediately are simple: Avoid using other tobacco products for the next 10 days and don’t rush things! There is no need to inhale deeply or rapidly.

Care: From alpha to omega

Remember to keep your IQOS device and your HEETS in a cool dry place away from moisture and high temperatures.

The handiest starter’s guide

How to use your IQOS device in just 1 minute.

How do I clean the IQOS

This is how to keep your IQOS device clean.

How do I charge the IQOS

Checking the battery is easy and it is even easier to charge it.

Free cleaning at IQOS stores

Visit your nearest IQOS store so your IQOS device can be cleaned free of charge, so you can always keep it in perfect condition.


This tobacco product damages your health and is addictive.
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