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IQOS. A better alternative to smoking cigarettes

Discover the benefits of IQOS.

IQOS 3 White with Charger

The smart way to enjoy real tobacco satisfaction

If you are looking for an alternative to smoking, IQOS is your best solution. Experience the true taste of real tobacco along with benefits that traditional cigarettes just can't provide.

Beach Girl IQOS 2.4+
Couple Using IQOS 3 Multi Blue

Discover the pleasure of heated tobacco

IQOS 3 Gold with Charger on Table

IQOS HeatControl™ Technology is what sets us apart from traditional cigarettes. By heating your tobacco, rather than burning it, IQOS delivers only the true taste of real tobacco that you love.

IQOS 3 Gold with Charger on Table
IQOS 3 Charger White

No fire, no burn

Unlike cigarettes, IQOS can’t burn you, others around you, pets, clothes, furniture — or anything. Since no tobacco is burned and, thus, no fire is involved, there’s no lit end to do any damage or falling ash that makes a mess.

Woman Holding IQOS 3 with Charger

No smoke

Leave smoke behind. Way behind. With IQOS, no tobacco burns so no smoke is produced, the heating of tobacco with IQOS produces an aerosol that dissipates more quickly.

Couple Holding IQOS 3 Purple with Charger

Smell like you, not like smoke

With IQOS you can now enjoy cigarette-like satisfaction but without the cigarette-like smell. You can now enjoy your tobacco while being less likely to bother those around you.

Group Using IQOS 3 with Heets
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