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With our referral program, when you recommend IQOS to an adult friend, you can both get rewarded. Start now, earn IQOS CLUB points.

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Three packs of Fiit flavors: Regular,  Crisp and Viola.

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For the first 3 who will buy a device of the series, until 31/12, you get one participation in the big contest. Also, you win double redemption points at IQOS CLUB (600 points).

Your friend earns a 20€ discount on the purchase of any device of the IQOS ILUMA series.

See here the terms and conditions

Refer IQOS

Rewards for all

For you

80 tier points and 300 redemption points for each of your successful referrals, i.e., for each of your friends who buys their first IQOS device.

Your points will be waiting for you exclusively at IQOS Club. To make use of your points and enjoy the IQOS CLUB privileges, all you have to do is register or sign-in to the IQOS CLUB.

You can collect points for up to 20 successful referrals until 31/12/2022.


ζευγάρι αγκαλιάζεται, ο άντρας κρατάει συσκευή IQOS ILUMA
παρέα ανθρώπων με iqos iluma
For your friend

They get the chance to discover a better alternative compared to smoking and make their own:

  1. the new, innovative IQOS ILUMA with induction heating system
  2. our clasic IQOS 3 DUO device
  3. the affordable lil SOLID
  4. the IQOS VEEV, our newly introduced vaping system.

Your friends can only redeem the code for their first device purchase.

How to refer a friend

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Now, you can introduce the IQOS world to your adult smoker friends by using the IQOS CLUB privileges and rewards platform. The more friends you refer the IQOS to, the more points you earn.


Three packs of Fiit flavors: Regular,  Crisp and Viola.

Refer it, the other way

Fill in the form

All you need is your friend's cell phone number and postcode.

Talk to us

Talk to one of our representatives, and we can simply send a referral directly to your friend.

Benefits and rewards

  • μηνιαίοι διαγωνισμοί IQOS CLUB

    Monthly contests

    Take part in the monthly contests of IQOS CLUB as many times as you want by redeeming points. Increase your participation in the draws and the chances of winning!

  • κουπόνια IQOS

    IQOS coupons

    Redeem points and enjoy €5, €10, €25 or €50 discount on your IQOS, IQOS VEEV and lil SOLID purchases online or at the IQOS stores.

  • κουπόνια IQOS συνεργατών

    Partners’ coupons

    Discover the discounts offered by our ever-growing network of partners.

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