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Two hands exchange IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS ILUMA PRIME devices

IQOS device exchange program.

Give us back your old device with a blade or pin and get the new IQOS ILUMA series in discount. An ex-change for the better, for you and the environment.

How the exchange program works?

  • Devices icon

    Choose your new device

    Discover IQOS ILUMA series and pick the one that best suits your needs.

  • Shop icon

    Add it to your cart

    Proceed to your exchange order by choosing your current device that you want to return.

  • Discount icon

    Enjoy your discount

    You discount will be calculated in your cart and the amount will be excluded from your total.

  • Cart icon

    Return your old device

    When delivering your order, give the device you have chosen to return to the courier.

Enjoy the new range for less

Pocked with breakthrough technology, IQOS ILUMA takes sensorial pleasures to the next level.

Trade In


Save up to €30.00 with Trade-in

Trade In


Save up to €20.00 with Trade-in

Trade In


Save up to €10.00 with Trade-in


The IQOS device exchange program enables customers to exchange devices with an older technology with a blade or pin, with the IQOS ILUMA, that uses a SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM. At the same time, other mass offers, special/targeted programs or offers for specific categories of consumers, with discounts on the list price, are also running. These discounts are not applied cumulatively.

“With IQOS ILUMA I don’t have to clean anymore. It’s more pleasant.”

switched to IQOS in 2020

Upgrade to IQOS ILUMA and enjoy more.

Real adult consumer who was rewarded for their participation in the campaign.

Άντρας ανοίγει συσκευασία IQOS ILUMA.

Why exchange?

A person holding an unopened IQOS device box.

To step up your experience with the devices of the revolutionary IQOS ILUMA series. Bladeless induction heating technology in your pocket.

Two people holding phones over two cups of coffee.

To get your new ILUMA series device in discount, by bringing back your old IQOS.


To contribute with us to protect our planet. All devices are forwarded for recycling to our specialized partner.

Top IQOS exchange service’s questions answered

With the IQOS device exchange program you can exchange exclusively IQOS devices with an older technology with a blade or lil SOLID & lil SOLIZ Ez devices with a pin, with the IQOS ILUMA, that uses a SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM. You cannot exchange devices from the IQOS ILUMA series.

No, you must have registered your device in your account in order to exchange. Register your device here.

Upon delivery of your new device, you will need to return the old one you selected during the ordering process. Give us back only the holder and the pocket charger. Charging and cleaning accessories, tobacco sticks, as well as the box, won’t need to be returned.

The 30% or 15% discount rate depends on whether the device you are returning is under or out of warranty, respectively. The discount is applied to the price of the device after deducting the value of the 3 TEREA packages (12 €).

You have the right to return the IQOS ILUMA device you purchased via exchange program within 30 days from the delivery of your order. In that case, we will refund your money. The old device you exchanged for IQOS ILUMA is non-refundable.

You can use the IQOS device exchange program once per year. More specifically, for the period 9/4/2024 until 31/12/2024, you can use the program once.

No. When you add a Trade-in device to your cart, all other contents (accessories, smoke bars) that you added will be removed. In case you want to shop TEREA tobacco sticks or accessories for your new IQOS ILUMA online, you will need to place a new order.

Of course! But only in IQOS stores. Find your nearest IQOS stores on the map. You can easily distinguish them from their special pin symbol in turquoise color. Alternatively, contact us and we'll take care of the rest.

No. The service is not available in the IQOS partner network, in traditional retail stores and gas stations. Available exclusively on and IQOS stores.

Terms & Conditions

Find here the terms and conditions for the IQOS device exchange program.