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Return and reward program

Bring back 5 used VEEV NOW.
Get rewarded with 1 flavor of your choice.


Don't throw your used VEEV NOW in the bin. Return them to us so we can forward them for recycling. Do something good for the environment and get rewarded.

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How it works

Flavors iconEvery time you buy your VEEV NOW online or from an IQOS or NOBACCO store, we give you a handy collection box to store your used devices.

MESH technology iconWhen it's time to dispose of a VEEV NOW, place it in the special box we gave you when you bought it.

IQOS app iconReturn the box of used VEEV NOW to an IQOS or NOBACCO store. We will undertake to forward them for recycling, and you will be rewarded with a flavor of your choice.

IQOS app iconAlternatively, you can dispose of your used devices at a designated collection point for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

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Get rewarded.
Here and now.

Bringing back 5 VEEV NOW
rewards you with 1 flavor of your choice.


The returned devices are forwarded to recycling by our specialist partner.

Frequently asked questions:

The return and reward program allows you to return your used VEEV NOW devices for recycling. We ensure that the materials are recycled correctly. Pick up a collection box at IQOS and NOBACCO stores or online with any VEEV NOW order. Place the used device in the collection box (optional step) or return them to us however you want.. Leave it in the collection bin you will find in IQOS and NOBACCO stores or hand it over to a store employee. Recycling of returned VEEV NOW devices reduces unnecessary waste, including plastic and e-waste, and contributes to the proper disposal of hazardous components such as batteries.

By returning 5 used VEEV NOW to IQOS and NOBACCO stores, you are rewarded with a flavor of your choice.

You can bring one or more used VEEV NOW devices to an IQOS or NOBACCO store and drop them off at the indicated drop-off point. You don't need to register your device in order to return it.

The return program applies only to fully used VEEV NOW devices.

No, you can return any used VEEV NOW devices you own.