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A new perspective. Same great taste!

New Design Amber Selection, Bronze Selection, Turquoise Selection, Sienna Selection, Yellow Selection

HEETS are getting better with a new and modern design while maintaining their great taste. In addition, HEETS Red Label is changing name and becoming HEETS Sienna Selection while their popular taste stays intact.

While maintaining their great taste from superior quality tobacco blends, HEETS will have a new perspective during the months of June and July. As a result, you will continue enjoying the same great taste of the HEETS sticks you prefer in new and impressive packaging.

Meticulous care at every stage of the journey means HEETS and IQOS deliver a totally new experience for tobacco taste and flavor. The Taste Designers are dedicated to the highest standards of leaf quality in every stage, from farm level to blending and creating the HEETS sticks. The final result is an extraordinary array of classic tobacco blends, fresh new options and surprising new aromatic flavors.

Whether you like a strong and rich taste or cooling and refreshing, you will definitely find your taste in HEETS range.

  • Bronze Selection
  • A rich tobacco blend with velvet taste, married with cocoa and dry fruit aroma notes.

  • Sienna Selection
  • A rounded, toasted tobacco blend matched with wood nuances and subtle light tea aroma notes.

  • Amber Selection
  • A balanced tobacco blend with rich taste and nutty aroma notes.

  • Yellow Selection
  • A mellow tobacco blend coupled with zesty aroma notes.

  • Turquoise Selection
  • A tobacco blend with mint taste and aroma notes that deliver a crisp cooling.

Discover your ideal taste through the whole HEETS range.

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