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An IQOS ILUMA device, an IQOS ILUMA ONE, and an IQOS ILUMA PRIME device.

Real stories. Real moments.
Shared by real IQOS users.

Real IQOS users from around the world came together to tell their genuine, inspiring stories about how IQOS changed their lives.Real adult consumers who were rewarded for their participation in the campaign.

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IQOS changed their lives for the better.

Berkant didn’t like smelling of smoke. Nicole wanted to get closer to her fiancé without smoke in the way. Michael made the decision to do something good for himself by leaving the smoke behind and switching to IQOS.

Discover the real stories of IQOS users, in their own words below.

Real adult consumers who were rewarded for their participation in the campaign.

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“Going back to cigarettes would be a step backwards. I would never do that.”


switched to IQOS in 2019

Real adult consumer who was rewarded for their participation in the campaign.

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