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Specialized support for
your lil SOLID Ez

Get the most from your lil SOLID Ez with our complete service.

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Take your lil SOLID Ez to an IQOS store for a complete check-up.

The benefits of Complete service

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    Ensure your lil SOLID Ez is working at its best

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    Clean your lil SOLID Ez regularly to enjoy the best possible experience

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    Keep your lil SOLID Ez in optimal condition for longer

What your Complete service includes

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Before/After testing

We will test your lil SOLID Ez capability to deliver the aerosol with each puff. We do the test before and after complete service to show you the improvement.

Cleaning with the right tips

We’ll clean your lil SOLID Ez, including the heating pin and the cap, remove any tobacco residue to ensure the best possible experience.

Firmware update

We’ll give your lil SOLID Ez a professional check-up to make sure it’s running as it should be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Complete service is an always-on complementary professional lil SOLID Ez device maintenance service helping you get the most out of your lil SOLID Ez. Why not bring your device in an IQOS store for a check-up. Οur experts will give your lil SOLID Ez device a complete check-up, testing for aerosol flow and performing a professional clean. Taking less than 30 minutes, this free service will help you keep your lil SOLID Ez device in optimal condition for longer while ensuring a satisfying lil SOLID Ez experience.

All lil SOLID Ez users can benefit from complete service regardless of whether their device is in warranty. This service helps you get the most out of your lil EZ performance, so you should definitely try it!

It's easy. Just visit an IQOS Store and experience specialized support from our experts. Find here the nearest store.

Depending on the IQOS Store's traffic, it could take up to 30' maximum.