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The 3 most common IQOS mistakes you make

By IQOS Team

person opening an iqos package

IQOS has been by your side for 5 years now! After all this time, we have got to know each other, you have talked to us and we know your needs. We also know what might have been challenging for you with your IQOS device at the beginning, or mistakes you might still make.

So, we have gathered the 3 most common mistakes users make with their IQOS. Are you doing one of these too? If yes, read on to find tips that will help you use your device in the right way, so you can always enjoy the best IQOS experience.

    1. Wrong cleaning of your IQOS

    Leave that paperclip down! Or don’t clean your device with homemade tools in general. Why is that? First of all, you are bound to cause damage to your heating blade. Secondly, in that way you don’t clean the device in the right way, by not reaching all of its parts.

    Instead of that, why don’t you try the IQOS cleaning accessories? The IQOS Cleaning Tool and the Dry Cleaning Sticks are designed for your favorite heated tobacco device exclusively, so it stays in perfect shape for you. Have questions on how to clean your IQOS properly? Don’t worry, it’s really easy! We have made a how-to IQOS Cleaning video just for you.

    2. You don’t use the right charging accessories

    We know you’re in a hurry to get your device charged for your next IQOS experience. But if you feel that your IQOS is charging too slowly or the battery doesn’t last, make sure that you’re using the original IQOS charging cable and power adaptor. These are accessories that are completely compatible with your device, ensuring its fast charging, as well as a bigger battery life circle.

    3. You are using non-compatible consumables

    We always point out that IQOS is designed to be used with HEETS exclusively. HEETS are guaranteed to contain premium tobacco blends that deliver an authentic IQOS experience.

    The tobacco in a HEETS stick, is compressed rather than being rolled loosely. This ensures equal exposure to the IQOS heating blade. Any trial with the wrong consumables may lead to a broken heating blade. Why should you risk it?

Follow those tips and you will definitely have the best IQOS experience.

These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.