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Are Vape Flavours Banned in Greece?

By IQOS Team

Currently,* vape flavours are not banned in Greece. After the recent EU heated tobacco characterizing flavour ban adult users may wonder, are vapes being banned as part of these new regulations While this ban will affect heated tobacco products with characterizing flavours, this will not result in a flavour ban on e-cigarettes.

What Does the EU Characterizing Flavour Ban Cover?

In October this year, the EU will implement new rules restricting the sale of heated tobacco products with characterizing flavours. These new EU rules restricting characterizing flavour heated tobacco products do not append the existing vaping laws in Greece. That is because the rules exclusively cover heated tobacco products. As flavoured vapes, and vaping devices in general, do not fall within this category, they are not affected by these new regulations.
Learn more about heated tobacco and how these products differ from vapes.

What Vape Flavours Are Available?

There are a variety of different vape flavours accessible in Greece. These are commonly available in the form of e-cig liquid flavours (otherwise known as e-liquids), and as disposable vapes. Adult users can opt for refill vapes (non-disposable), and replace the e-liquid when it runs empty. Non-disposable vapes also allow the adult user to switch between different flavours. It is usually not possible to refill disposable vapes. These products typically come prefilled with the chosen e-liquid flavour.
Vapes are not risk-free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Smoke-free products are not alternatives to quitting and are not designed as cessation aids. The best decision for any adult smoker is to quit tobacco and nicotine consumption altogether.
*Information correct at time of publication.

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These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.