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‘MONEY BACK’ Device Refund Commercial Policy

‘PAPASTRATOS SINGLE-MEMBER CIGARETTE MANUFACTURING COMPANY SA’, doing business as ‘PAPASTRATOS SINGLE-MEMBER SA’, having its registered office in Aspropyrgos, at Imeros Topos, Kororemi, with General Commercial Registry No 227601000, and Tax Identification No 094011481, issued by the Athens Tax Office for Commercial Companies, with telephone number 210 4193000, and fax number 210 4112303, offers the ‘Money Back’ service to all adult users of alternative heat-not-burn products, in order to give them the opportunity to try the device with no strings attached, so that they can confidently shift from using cigarette products to using heat-not-burn products.

Adult users who decide to purchase an IQOS/LIL SOLID/IQOS VEEV device and are not satisfied for any reason have the right to return their device within 30 days from the date on which they purchased the device from a physical point of sale and receive a refund for that device. The terms and conditions of the service are presented below.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The return may be concluded only within 30 days from the purchase date, as indicated on the receipt. The receipt evidencing purchase of the device must be produced by an adult smoker-bearer of the device.
  • The return may only be concluded at the point of purchase of the device indicated on the receipt.
  • Any adult consumer can benefit from the Money Back service regardless of whether they previously owned another device, and it is not required that the device has been registered in the consumer’s IQOS account.
  • The device must be returned together with all the peripheral products that accompany the device (and are contained in the packaging at the time of purchase) and are associated with the use thereof (cleaners/cables/lids/cases/current transformers/individual parts of the device sold separately/holders/chargers).
  • There must have been no replacement of any component of the device.
  • There must have been no personalization (e.g. engraving) or any damages on the device.
  • The refund to which the customer is entitled is calculated based on the price of the device at the time of purchase of the package. It is expressly clarified that the refund only concerns the value of the device, and is paid by the seller at the point of purchase thereof, following communication with the consumer.
  • Neither the value of the consumables nor the consumables themselves are refunded through the ‘Money Back’ service.
  • Neither the value of any accessories contained in the package deal nor the accessories themselves are refunded, unless otherwise communicated by Papastratos with regard to specific package deals.
  • The consumer is informed about the said plan by these terms, and may receive more detailed information from the point of purchase upon request.
  • The right to return the device, as above, is an additional provision offered by Papastratos, and may be terminated or amended at any time in the future. It is not associated with the (legal or commercial) guarantee for the device, and the return can be made only once as regards the relevant device. In the event of change of the device or a component thereof for reasons concerning the legal or commercial guarantee for the device, the above plan does not apply.

For any further information or clarification about the plan, you can contact the point of purchase or the IQOS support team.

Latest update: 16 May 2022

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