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This website is about selling new tobacco products and contains information about them. Entrance is only permitted to persons over 18 years of age who are also users of nicotine products. We need your age to make sure that you are an adult in Greece. Our nicotine and tobacco products are not an alternative to quitting and are not designed as cessation aids. They are not risk free. They contain nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults. Please visit the Important Information page of this website for further risk information.

These products are not risk-free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.


1. Our company.

These terms (hereinafter referred to generally as the ‘Terms and Conditions’) govern your relationship with the societe anonyme with the name ‘PAPASTRATOS SINGLE-MEMBER CIGARETTE MANUFACTURING COMPANY SA’, doing business as ‘PAPASTRATOS SINGLE-MEMBER SA’, having its registered office in Aspropyrgos, at Imeros Topos, Kororemi, holder of General Commercial Registry No. 227601000, and Tax ID No 094011481 issued by the Athens Tax Office for Commercial Companies, telephone number 210 4193000, fax number 210 4112303, (hereinafter ‘Papastratos’ or ‘the Company’ or ‘We/Us’) with regard to the services and procedures referred to herein. These Terms and Conditions, together with PMI Group’s General Terms for Protection of Confidentiality, constitute a set of terms and conditions that are implemented and apply to our relationship as far as all matters regulated hereunder are concerned (hereinafter referred to in their entirety as the ‘Terms of Use’). The Terms of Use may also be supplemented as necessary by the more specific terms of our websites and/or any of our Company programs in which you choose to participate.

2. Who, in general, are our services and programs intended for?

In general, all the abilities, services, programs and procedures referred to herein and provided by Papastratos are addressed exclusively to persons who cumulatively meet the following conditions:

  • i) they are natural persons, over 18 years old (age that must already be in any of your contact with our company and its products)
  • ii) they are smokers and/or users of other tobacco products, new tobacco products, e-cigarettes or nicotine products in general, or related products
  • iii) they reside or are staying in Greece; and
  • iv) have full legal capacity (hereinafter referred to as "you" or the "User" or "the Consumer").

3. What is the scope of the present Terms of Use?

Your registration as an adult consumer in our Company’s Adult Consumer Database (hereinafter "our Database" or "Adult Consumer Database”) as detailed below are governed by these Terms of Use. Papastratos invites you to read these Terms of Use carefully when you register in our Database. Papastratos reasonably considers that you are aware of the Terms when you accept them for the purpose of registering in our Database.

3.1. General description of registration in the Database

3.1.1. a) Papastratos produces, represents and distributes on the Greek market, among other things, new tobacco products that do not involve combustion, electronic cigarettes, other nicotine related products (electronic devises and combustibles) and other relevant products and accessories (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Product’ or the ‘Products’).

b) When you show interest in being informed about our Products or when you purchase a Product in an IQOS physical store, or in the IQOS or ZYN online stores (hereinafter our “Websites”), or in a physical or electronic store belonging to third parties affiliated with Papastratos that carry the Products, or when you participate in other Company Programs related to the purchase of Products (such as the Free Trial Program) you can register in the Papastratos Adult Consumer Database and obtain an Adult Consumer Card (hereinafter the ‘Adult Consumer Card’ or ‘the Card’) so you can receive the service, communications and privileges provided by Company and so you can purchase Products remotely (e.g. through the Websites and/or by telephone) and participate in the Company’s special Programs, if you wish to do so (all the above, provided that you also meet the criteria of article 2 above as well as other criteria specified each time and on a case-by-case basis).

3.1.2. You may register in the Papastratos Database in one of the following ways:

  • i) You may register through a partner (depending on the point of sale that you visit and/or the Product that you purchase):
    • - at an IQOS store or other sellers of our Products
    • - Registration through a third party associate of Papastratos (in person or remotely), should such a process exist
    • - Registration through a call centre or on the recommendation of an associate tobacco product retailer, should such a process exist
    • - in other points of sale that may be appointed by our Company
  • ii) Registration by the User during your navigation or during your purchase from our Website/s (eshops and/or

3.1.3. To register in the Database and obtain and maintain a Card you must meet the requirements of Article 2.1. above. It is expressly noted that our Company verifies your legal age in person either a) in a physical store while you register in our Database or b) in our remote purchase channels, at the delivery of the Products. Hence in case b), our Company relies in principle on your SOLEMN DECLARATION that you are an adult and on you meeting the other criteria of Article 2.1. for your registration in our Database and the personalized individual communication with you (if you give consent thereto). We note that full use of the possibilities offered by registering in the Database as well as activation your participation in Company individual programs (such as, without limitation, IQOS TOGETHER, MGM, Club etc) under their distinct terms, presupposes (and is subject to) confirmation of your age by Papastratos and/or its associates under the procedures applicable at times.

3.2.1 Why should I register with the Adult Consumer Database of Papastratos (on if you meet the relevant requirements on a case-by-case basis)?

  1. So that you can make online and remote purchases of Products from Papastratos remote sales distribution channels;
  2. So that you can declare your consent to receive personalized individual communication, if you wish
  3. So that you can be identified as an adult Consumer who meets the criteria of 2.1. above (after your age has been confirmed or you have solemnly declared that you are an adult) by our sales distribution channels, after-sales service partners and the programs of the Company in which you wish to participate and which require the prior confirmation of your identity.
  4. So that you can receive the commercial warranty corresponding to the Product you have purchased throughout the warranty period, without needing to provide proof of purchase (in case that such commercial warranty is provided and you register your device, subject to the applicable terms.)
  5. So that you can take advantage of the ‘On Boarding’ Customer Service Consultant Program’, provided you meet the requirements of Article 6.2. below;
  6. So that we can provide you with general after-sales customer care services, based on your Card information, when you contact us (e.g. in stores, at the call centre, via the Website, through our Company’s the social media accounts or by any other means from you to us, on your own initiative). Your Card information includes the point/channel of your registration, your order history, the status of registered devices, contact details and personal information.
  7. So that you can subscribe to individual programs offered by Papastratos if you wish to participate in them (and meet their individual requirements).

More details regarding points 4-6 above can be found in paragraph 6 of these Terms of Use. Further details for the programs provided by Papastratos you can see at their relevant terms.

3.2.2. It is expressly noted that in order to undertake commercial communications with personalized individual contact with you, you will be asked to give separate free consent to receive commercial communications (which you can grant or revoke at any time individually). Any other communications we may initiate with you in this context are exclusively for emergency or force majeure purposes only (for example, security reasons, identity checks, change of person for the purpose of device registration, changes to these Terms or other terms in programs you have registered for, etc.), operational/procedural purposes or for the performance of a contract or terms of the company's programs and/or in the context of after-sales services provided at your request (e.g. in the context of service warranties, etc.) and do not constitute (nor do they intend to constitute) any form of commercial communication.

3.3. What do I need to do to ensure that I’ve registered properly?

When you register with the Papastratos Database in any way, you must:

3.3.1. Declare accurate and correct information, keep such information accurate and up-to-date throughout your relationship with us, and refrain from any culpable alteration or modification thereof or provision of non-updated or untrue information, as well as sincerely and solemnly declare that you are an adult and must complete the registration process by activating the OTP message you will receive on the mobile device you have indicated (which is also an authentication of your mobile device for access to your Account). Also, alternatively (only if you register through the website/s) by clicking double opt-in on the e-mail you will receive to complete your registration. It is noted, that if your registration in the Database is done through a partner, the confirmation of the email address is optional (it suffices for activation that you confirm the mobile device through the OTP that has preceded it, subject to the procedure set out under Article 4.2.1. below).

Without this activation, your registration process shall not be completed. In particular, if you declare your details for your registration at any of our partners you should check with them that your information is entered correctly.

3.3.2. In case of any subsequent changes in any details or of loss of the device you have registered or its transfer to another adult smoker, you must notify Papastratos at or at or at the Website/s using the ‘Support’ field or directly by telephone on 800 111 4767 (free of charge from a landline) or 210 419 3888 (for IQOS) or 210 4198777 (for ZYN) (charges depend on telecommunications providers).

3.3.3.a). The data requested as mandatory for your registration are those necessary, relevant and appropriate in order for Papastratos to be able to identify you whenever required by its procedures in the context of compliance with its legal obligations to ensure that you are over 18 years old. More information on the processing of your data can be found in the PMI Group General Data Privacy and Protection Terms and Conditions.

b) The data you declare identify you uniquely towards the Company and towards the means and the points of sale of the Products as well as the programs of the Company. Papastratos Papastratos is not responsible for any action or any error or problem created due to the submission of incorrect, inaccurate or untrue data or in the case of incorrect or untimely notification of the above.

3.3.4. You may only have one Card in our Database. Any attempt to have duplicate accounts, to register twice or to register a person using altered/false information/other accounts (same name, surname, delivery/billing address, phone number) may result in deletion of previous accounts opened after the original account, and if these actions are repeated, Papastratos may deactivate the consumer’s initial registration. In addition, any attempted fraud detected within and in connection with active promotions on the Website/s and shall lead to the exclusion of the user committing the fraud or attempted fraud in question, in relation to any discount or prize.

3.3.5. Before you register you must be aware of the contents and accept the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. In any case, the Terms of Use will always be available to you and at any time on the and website. Lastly, you may also request information using the ‘Support’ field on our Websites or on the customer service page on Facebook and/or at our call centre.

4. Creating an Account in our Website/s

4.1. How to create your account in our Website/s

4.1.1. By registering in our Database for opening an Adult Consumer Card, you also acquire a personal Account in our Websites ( or and which contains the personal information that you declared when you registered in our Database. That way we are able to identify you as an adult consumer and allow you to proceed in purchasing Products via our distance sales channels under the terms and conditions of our Websites.

4.1.2. For your access to your Account to be activated, the process under 3.3.1 above must have been completed in order to complete your registration in our Database.

4.1.3. Your personal Account is used for the following purposes:

  • - Accessing and managing some of your personal information and information contained in your account
  • - Making purchases from the website/s e-shop and enabling you to monitor your participation in the company's commercial programs.
  • - Registering and keeping track of your Devices, if the case for, for example in connection with commercial warranty coverage
  • - Consent management

4.1.4. In any case, you also need to activate your registration in our Database pursuant to Article 3.3.1 to make purchases via the e-shop or by phone, also to facilitate the verification of your age at the time of delivery of the Products. The same applies to your participation in other Programs of the Company.

4.1.5. a) It should be noted that each Account is the ‘front end’ of your Card in our Database and contains the data that are necessary to proceed with the abovementioned purposes. Only authorised Company personnel can access your Card details in full (back end), and the collection and processing of your data shall be governed by the PMI Privacy Policy (link) which you were made aware of and accepted during your registration in our Database. It is forbidden to create more than one Account, and the provisions of Article 3.3.5 above shall also apply.

b) You are able to change any time your personal information that are hosted in your Card in our Database. However, part of those data, being your unique identifiers in our Database, can change only under the process of article 3.3.2 above.

c) Each time you alter or add data in your Card those shall automatically renew your Account information too in our Websites. The same applies for any alteration or addition made in any Account in any or our Websites, that would alter your Card information too.

4.2. What are the conditions for correct maintenance of my Account at any of Papastratos’ Website/s?

You can access any of your Accounts in our Websites, under the following terms and conditions.

In particular, regarding the proper access and maintenance of your Account:

4.2.1. Every time you wish to connect to any of your Accounts in our Websites you must either a) follow the OTP procedure using the mobile device you have indicated or b) log in using the e-mail address you have indicated. In order to log in using your e-mail address, you must, however, have previously completed the double opt-in process, as well as have created a secret password based on the applicable security rules of Papastratos for the creation of passwords that will be notified to you at that time (the same password applies to your Accounts in both our Websites). After following the above procedure a) or b) you will gain access to your personal Account and you will be uniquely identified with regard to any actions or omissions made through your Account.

4.2.2. You should keep the OTP you have received (until you stop using it) or the password always secret and secure. With regards the password in particular, you are solely responsible for protecting your password and keeping it secret (change of password in one Account shall automatically change it to the other Account too). For this reason, we would ask you to change your secret password at regular intervals. You should also completely avoid giving your password to third parties, to prevent any unauthorised access or use of your personal Account and the features provided through it (and in particular, but not exclusively, to any minors). You must inform Papastratos immediately if you have reason to believe that (a) your secret password could or may have been disclosed to a third party or (b) there is a risk that your password may be used without your permission.

4.2.3. You also bear full and exclusive liability for any action (act or omission) carried out through any of your Accounts. Papastratos disclaims any liability for damages (including against third parties) arising from the use of your Account due to unauthorised access to or use of your account, unless you have previously informed Papastratos in a timely and appropriate manner, by email to and/or, or through the Websites by using the ‘Support’ field, or by telephone at 800 111 4767 (free of charge from a landline) or 210 4193888 (IQOS) and/or 210 4193777(ZYN) (charges depend on the telecommunications provider ). It is noted that any action taken through your Account prior to notification of Papastratos in accordance with the above, will be treated as an action on your part.

4.2.4. You are able to disconnect from any of your Accounts in our Websites at any time. Further to that you can access it again following the access procedure laid down above. It is noted of course that disconnection from your Account does not mean disconnection or deletion from the Database.

5. Deletion

5.1. You can request the deletion from our Database by submitting a request for deletion at any time you choose, via email at και /ή or by telephone at 800 111 4767 (free of charge from a landline) or 210 4193888 (IQOS) and/or 210 4193777 (ZYN) (charges depend on the telecommunications provider ). That way your Accounts too will be permanently deleted , as well as your participation in all Company’s programs will be ended as set out under Article 5.4. below.

5.2. It is noted that deletion from individual programs of the Company that you may have registered with does not imply deletion of your Account at any of our Website/s and/or from the Papastratos Database

5.3. In any case, you shall also be automatically deleted from our Database, based on the procedures observed by PMI in the following cases: a) if you have never purchased any of our Products and there is no purchase by you and/or interaction with us (from any channel or medium ) within a period of 12 months from your registration in our Database or b) if you have purchased a Product, and there has been no interaction with us (by any channel or medium) for a period of more than 36 months from the purchase of the Product. With each interaction or purchase, the above timeframes are renewed on a case-by-case basis.

5.4. When you are deleted from the Database, your data too shall be deleted (by anonymization and/or any other technically equivalent measure) and without prejudice to any of your data kept for the fulfillment of legal obligations of the company.

5.5. Papastratos reserves the right to refuse to register you in our Database and/or create an Account and/or to delete your Account and/or your Card entirely from our Database at any time, for any reasonable reason or cause. In particular, (but not exclusively) the Company is entitled to proceed with any of the above for any material reason, indicatively including but not restricted to the following: if there are indications of bad faith, illegal or non-contractual use of the Account, submission of untrue or false information and/or declaration of adult age, as well as any non-compliance with these terms. In this case details of the User are kept as provided for in paragraph 5.4 above, to ensure that the same User cannot register another account.

6. In particular, for the privileges of Registration in our Database and Device Registration (on a case-by case basis and provided you meet the relevant requirements)

6.1. Device Registration - Commercial Warranty during the estimated duration (without the need to provide evidence)

6.1.1. After completing your registration in our Database and purchasing a Product that has a device and a commercial warranty, you may then register your device (depending on the Product you have purchased) in order to be able to monitor the warranty period and ensure you continue meet the conditions, without having to provide proof of purchase of the device to be serviced (in order to prove date of purchase and confirm that you are still within the warranty period).

6.1.2. The services you receive shall always be based on the terms of the commercial warranty contained in the Product packaging (for new tobacco product devices or electronic cigarettes) that you have purchased.

6.1.3. Each time you make use of the warranty the event is recorded in our Database and your Account, so that your service history is readily available and your entitlement under the warranty can be easily established every time.

6.1.4. If you do not register your device, you do not of course lose your rights under the terms of the commercial warranty that accompany your device. However, you will have to provide proof of purchase each time to confirm that your device is still covered by warranty (otherwise, since the date of purchase, the length of the warranty period, and warranty expiry date cannot be ascertained, you will not be entitled to receive services under warranty).

6.1.5. It is stressed that in order to receive the above, the personal information with which you register your device must be identical to the personal data you submitted during your registration in our Database. If you give your device as a gift to a third person adult smoker, then the device should be registered in the details of that third person. We reserve the right to request information that evidences the above, as well as to take action in cooperation with you to register the device to the third party who has the device in their possession.

6.1.6. None of the above restricts or invalidates your rights under legal warranty pursuant to the Civil Code, as applicable at any given time.

6.1.7. The deregistration of your device from your Account, if you so wish, shall be performed with the aid of our company or our partner after making a call at our call center 800 111 4767 (free of charge from a landline) / 210 4193888 (charge depending on the telecommunications provider) – it is noted that by deregistering the device you shall lose the privileges specified hereunder (without prejudice to Article 6.1.4. which of course shall remain applicable).

6.2. Onboarding Program

6.2.1. After your registration in our Database, if you have registered a device and provided that you meet the following criteria: a) your legal age has been verified, b) you have purchased a Product for the first time and c) (in case a Product has a device) you have registered that device in your Card in the Database as well as d) you have given your consent to commercial communications from Papastratos, you shall be entitled to participate in the specially-designed customer service and support Program, which shall be available after purchase or free trial of a new device from our Company’s range of Products. This Program is part of the general after-sales customer services that our Company offers, as our Products are either new state-of-the-art technology devices with increased safety and correct use requirements; extra service and support shall be necessary to ensure smooth transition while getting used to using the Products in question or have special specifications of use that could require further explanation or guidance from our agents that would contact you. The Company reserves its right to end the above program and/or alter it at any time at its discretion.

6.2.2. In case that the Product you have purchased has a device under a commercial warranty, this Program will be activated when you register that device on condition that it is your first device from our Product range, that you have purchased or are using it through a Papastratos Program. The program will also be available for the next device you register if the device in question is another version of the Product that has significant differences from your previous devices.

6.2.3. If you do not wish to continue with the above program you may state this to our partner or contact the Company as indicated in Article 1 of these Terms. The interruption of communications for the specific Program does not imply your deletion altogether from the Database or other programs in which you participate (unless you explicitly request deletion from them). The interruption of communications under this Program, does however imply interruption of all communications from Papastratos.

6.3. General after-sales service (Customer Care) based on your Card

Once you register in our Database and purchasing any Product, we will provide you with after-sales service based on the information contained on your Card, when you contact us (e.g. in store, via the call centre, the Website, the social media accounts of our Company or by other means, on your own initiative on your part to us) to request our assistance, or have questions or other issues related to Products that you have bought. In this context, our Company will suggest solutions to your problems, give you advice on the correct and safe use of products based on your questions, and will generally provide you with whatever service may be required based on your needs.

6.4. IQOS TOGETHER Program available for website

If you register an IQOS or VeeV or Lil device and your age has been confirmed, you will have the opportunity to participate in Programs such as IQOS CLUB or in combination with the terms of IQOS CLUB for point collection and redemption (such as indicatively the IQOS TOGETHER Program and any other programs provided from time to time by the Company).

More specifically, for IQOS TOGETHER, the following are noted:

  • i) An adult smoker who has an Adult Consumer Card in our Database and meets the following conditions can participate in the IQOS TOGETHER Program: they have at least one IQOS or IQOS VeeV or Lil Solid Device registered in their Account and have accepted the terms of the IQOS CLUB or they are an active IQOS CLUB Member – whichever happened first (in order to be properly updated on how to receive and redeem points). If you meet the above requirements, we will give you the opportunity to inform an adult smoker friend that they can, if they so wish, be updated about Papastratos Products (hereinafter the "Update") either a) by a partner by telephone communication with the partner at the telephone number that your friend will indicate to you or b) by visiting an IQOS retail point (physical or electronic) (jointly referred to hereinafter as the "Program") under the procedures detailed in the terms of the Program. Your friend must be an adult smoker and must not have previously registered/possessed a Card on our Company's Database and must have given consent to you to be informed in accordance with the above, which you cumulatively guarantee to us upon your participation in the Program in any way (see relevant terms and conditions accepted by your friend).
  • ii) The steps specified during the use of a) the special Application, if you are a Member of the IQOS CLUB, b) by our Partner, c) through the Website or d) by using your mobile device as a MOBILE CODE as described in more detail in the terms of the Program, may be used to complete the process of informing a friend by telephone from our Partner or through a store. The relevant deadlines must also be adhered to, as well as the numerical limit imposed each time for each period.
  • iii) If your adult smoker friend purchases a Product using the SMS code or the IQOS / MOBILE CODE within the time limit set each time, you will be awarded Points (the number of which will be determined each time based on Papastratos' policy and will be posted at the Website, the IQOS CLUB Platform, or other platforms and media of the company or with your individual information in your contact details, on a case-by-case basis – hereinafter referred to as "Points Performance Policy"). Points can only be collected and redeemed under the specific terms outlined in the Program's terms as well as the IQOS CLUB's Terms of Use in each case.
  • iv) By selecting options a-c) of point (ii) above to participate in the Program, you will be informed about the terms of the Program and confirm your acceptance, particularly when using these options. Your participation in the use of IQOS / Mobile Code implies that you are aware of the Program's terms, which are included in this notice and are accessible via a link set out in this article, as well as in the Program's public posts, and which you are reasonably expected to have considered before receiving your friend's consent for the use of IQOS / MOBILE CODE, and in any case and at the time of your notification about the use of the IQOS/MOBILE CODE by your friend.

**Explicit Note: The reference to privileges and programs in Article 6 above is merely indicative. In any case, if you are interested in participating in any of Papastratos' Programs, you will be invited to learn more about the specific terms of each program, which will govern and determine your relationship with our Company for each of these Programs at any time.

7. Special term

7.1. It is expressly pointed out that our Company does not provide any kind of advice or guidance on health issues, for which your doctor is solely responsible, whom you should contact directly and whose advice you should follow. If in the course your communication with us, you voluntarily and of your own initiative raise any health issue, our Company is only obliged to record the incident (completely anonymously) and report it to the competent authorities, as provided for by law.

7.2. Our Products are intended for adult consumers who register as smokers and who would otherwise continue to smoke or use nicotine Products and they do not constitute an alternative to quit smoking, nor are they designed to be an aid for giving up. They are not harmless, they contain nicotine which is addictive. Further information about the risk is available on the website or In any case, your registration in our Database (and participation in any Program of our Company) is based on the recognition and acceptance by you of the above, as the result of a personal and informed choice, as an adult consumer.

8. Limitation of Liability of Papastratos

8.1. You register in our Adult Consumer Base on your own initiative and at your own risk, fully aware that you are visiting a point of sale for tobacco products having provided your solemn declaration that you are over 18 years old and a smoker.

8.2. You agree to indemnify, defend and relieve Papastratos, the companies of the Philip Morris International Group and its directors, executives, employees, consultants, agents and associates of any and all third party claims, liability, damages and/or costs arising due to or on the occasion of any culpable, illegal or non-contractual use of the Websites by you or the culpable breach by you of any of the Terms of Use. In any case, you must promptly notify Papastratos at and/or or through the Websites in the ‘Support’ field, or or by telephone at 800 111 4767 (free of charge from a landline) or 210 4193888 (IQOS) and/or 210 4193777 (ZYN) (charges depend on the telecommunications provider ), if you have become aware or have reasonable suspicion or indications that the Websites has been used (even if it is due to negligence on your part) in an illegal or non-contractual manner, so that Papastratos can take the necessary steps to limit any damages.

8.3. In addition, you bear full and exclusive liability for any loss or damage caused to Papastratos due to untrue, erroneous or out of date information submitted by you. It should be stressed that any notification sent (as part of the legal obligations of Papastratos or in the case of special communications as indicated in these Terms of Use) to the email address submitted by you when you created your account shall be deemed to be effectively delivered, even if you did not receive it due to an error in the information provided by you and/or due to a technical or other fault in your server, and/or your telephone, and/or your telecommunications provider, and/or due to a change in your information (if you have failed to notify Papastratos in a timely manner, as indicated above).

9. Other Terms

Papastratos reserves its rights, indicatively, and not exclusively, to the following:

9.1. to change part or all of these Terms of Use at any time and to choose the manner in which Users are informed as appropriate (either individually via personal contact information, or by public posts on its Websites or a combination thereof or in any other way, at its discretion);

9.2. to renew or upgrade or halt in part of in whole the programs and/or the services referred herein

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Greece. Users unconditionally agree, by acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, that any dispute against Papastratos that may arise from the use of the Websites, or for the purpose of resolving issues arising in execution or interpretation of the Terms of Use, shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of the city of Athens in Greece.

11. Final provisions

11.1. The above Terms of Use bind the parties (Papastratos and Users) collectively, and as a whole constitute the entire contract between the parties, prevailing over any and all previous and current contracts between the User and Papastratos, they are of indefinite duration, and may be terminated at any time from any location (by Papastratos or the User). More specifically, Papastratos may terminate these Terms by sending a respective email to the email address declared by the User setting a reasonable deadline, after the expiration of which the Customer’s Card in the Database as well as your Accounts and Program participations will be deactivated as indicated above. You may terminate the relationship under these terms by following the deletion procedure indicated in Article 5 above.

11.2. Should any term be deemed abusive or is cancelled, this shall not affect the remaining terms, which shall continue to apply and remain binding on the parties. In any case, to the extent that this is feasible, a single term/sub-term or part thereof may be treated individually, for the remainder to be rendered valid and the term shall be construed accordingly. Otherwise, you agree that the term must be corrected and shall be construed in a manner that most approximates to the original meaning of the term/sub-term, in accordance with the law.

11.3. Any delay by the parties in exercising some or all the rights stemming from these Terms shall not result in the weakening or waiver of such rights, which may be exercised at any time at a later stage, at the discretion of their holders.

11.4. The headings contained in these Terms and Conditions are used for reference purposes only and shall not affect the meaning or interpretation thereof.