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How long does a vape coil last?

By IQOS Team

vape coil

The heating element in many vape devices is in the form of a coil, and for those devices, the coil is a crucial component to vapour production. The coil is a wire that surrounds the wicking material in an e cigarette, held in place by an atomizer head. When you vape, the coil is electrically heated to vaporize the e liquid and turns the e liquid into vapour. Sometimes, the coil, or even the coil, wick and casing all together, is referred to as an e-cig atomizer.

Ultimately, coils need to be regularly replaced to prevent the effects of e liquid build up. However, there are some e cigarettes that utilize pod-based systems that do not require the use of coils, and hence, will not require coil replacement.

How do you know when it’s time to change the vape coil?

Your e cigarette will give telltale signs that it’s time for a new coil.

  • Your vape tastes burnt. Having a vape with a burnt taste is generally the most common indication that it’s nearing the end of your coil’s lifespan and getting rid of the burnt taste in your vape could be as easy as just changing the coil.
  • Your vape tastes “off”. Your e cigarette liquid may taste weaker than usual, or just different from what you know it should be if your coil needs to be changed. If you switch e-liquid flavours, a worn-out coil may also cause the flavours to mix in unpleasant ways.
  • Your vape clouds are smaller. By the end of your coil’s lifespan, you may see less vapour output than usual, even if your battery is new.
  • Your vape is making unusual sounds. Hearing gurgling sounds coming from your vape may also be another indicator that it’s time to replace the vape coil.

Why do vaping coils need to be changed?

To understand how long vape coils last, pre-made coils typically last from one to four weeks, but it does depend on your personal e cigarette usage. The more you use your e cigarette, the more often you’ll have to change the coils in a coil-based device. Coils need to be replaced regularly, as e cigarette liquids leave a thin film of residue when they are vaporized, causing your coil to collect remnants of e liquid. This can build up on your coils or wicks and clog your device, causing your vape to taste burnt and preventing you from getting the taste of your e liquid.

It is also helpful to prime your new coil before you use it, which means to fully saturate the wicking material in the coil head with e cigarette liquid prior to vaping with the new coil for the first time. This will stop the wick from burning when you turn on your vape with the new coil for the first time. To prime a new coil, all you must do is fill your tank with e liquid and let it stand for a few minutes.

Quality of the vape coils

With the coil being such a central part of the vaping experience, it’s important to take the time to choose high quality coils from reputable brands to ensure great taste and vapour production. If you’re questioning why your coils need to be changed at what seems like a frequent rate, the culprit could be the quality of the coil itself. A high-quality coil may have good surface area, and a recommended wattage that has been specifically selected to enhance the coil’s lifespan. Once again, the issues related to coil quality are also eliminated when looking at non-coil e cigarette options.

A vape device without coils and a pod based system is IQOS VEEV, which has just launched in Greece.

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These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.