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IQOS VEEV: The result of science made right

By IQOS Team

Years of scientific research.

Without question, the best decision any smoker can make is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. Those adults who would not quit, we want to encourage to make the switch and leave cigarettes behind for good, and we’ve got science to support at every step.

A team of over 700 scientists, thousands of patents and billions of investments underpin smoke-free products developed by PMI, including IQOS VEEV. Supported by over 6 years of rigorous scientific research and development in areas such as electronics and biomedical assessment, we’ve developed IQOS VEEV to bring into life a breakthrough vaping product that provides a unique vaping experience.

IQOS VEEV MESH™ heating technology

Built through a fully automated process for reliability, IQOS VEEV MESH™ heating technology maximises the contact between the heater and liquid to control temperature – and to deliver taste consistency every time – unlike wick and coil e-cigarettes.

The heater’s smart digital control has a low liquid detection mechanism which is designed to automatically shut off the device and prevent overheating, reducing burnt taste .

Reliable quality & safety

Along with pharmaceutical-grade nicotine for purity, VEEV flavor pods made in the EU ensuring a high-quality taste experience with every use. Through rigorous measurements/controls and sensorial tests, we guarantee the constant quality of the formulation and make sure our e-liquids meet strict international specifications.

Crafted from high quality materials that are sourced from qualified suppliers and subjected to continuous quality inspections along the manufacturing process, IQOS VEEV outer housing is made from recyclable aluminium.

And finally, the IQOS VEEV battery, that uses lithium technology to provide stability and high performance – giving your IQOS VEEV a long lifespan. It’s certified according to ISO standards, and has multiple layers of protection to help prevent electrical issues.

Altogether, IQOS VEEV leads the way in setting a vaping quality experience to ensure that you have a better alternative compare to cigarettes.

This is Science and Technology Made Right.

These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.