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IQOS VEEV: Vaping innovation by IQOS!

By IQOS Team

iqos veev vape

With a vision to meet even more needs of adult smokers who want to leave behind cigarettes, IQOS introduces IQOS VEEV, the new e-cigarette proposal that redefines vaping!

IQOS VEEV is here with an elegant design, it is easy to use, it perfectly fits your hand and your pocket and weighs 33 grams only. There is no need for refilling, so there is no mess! Wherever you are you can easily swap flavors!

Specially crafted flavors.

IQOS VEEV offers 7 different flavor options, from classic to unexpected ones, that suit all tastes. All flavors are crafted in the European Union with high quality materials and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.

For your safety, VEEV pods are designed to prevent tampering to ensure that e-liquid cannot be altered.

Smart technology. Consistent taste.

Built through a fully automated process for reliability, IQOS VEEV MESH heating technology maximizes the contact between the heater and liquid to control temperature and to deliver taste consistency every time.

The heater’s smart digital control detects when the e-liquid level is low and shuts off the device. This is designed to prevent overheating and burnt taste.

Vape on your own terms.

Tailor your vape experience through IQOS app.

  • Choose from a range of 5 different vibration profiles and enjoy soft vibrations in every singe puff
  • Manage your everyday number of puffs
  • Reduce your cloud size

Rapid charging

IQOS VEEV has a fast charging* battery for extended vaping sessions . Enjoy your vaping experience with a device ready for a full day of vape** in less than 35 minutes.

* For optimal charging performance, only use a manufacturer-approved Charging Cable and AC Power Adaptor (both supplied in the box).

** Based on average of 220puffs/day, individual vaping patterns may vary.

These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.