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A guide to refilling your vape with e-liquid

By IQOS Team

A guide to refilling your vape with e-liquid

As you may already know, e-cigarettes need e-liquid to function. So, if they are not disposable, you should refill them when their e-liquid runs out. For an adult user who has recently switched to vaping, it is useful to know which types of vapes need refilling and learn how to fill a vape pen cartridge or tank.

Before you continue reading, there is one important thing to always keep in mind. Every time you use, clean or refill your vape, make sure that you follow its manufacturer instructions.

Why vapes need refilling

E-liquid is an important «ingredient» of a vape. As you are using your electronic cigarette, the e-liquid is being heated and it produces vapour. If it’s completely out, your device won’t be able to function and give you the experience you want.

When to refill a vape

Generally, the frequency with which a vape is refilled cannot be the same for every adult e-cigarette user and it also depends on the type of each device.

As a rule of thumb, you can refill your e-cigarette whenever you think it's needed – for example, when the container is half full or when your device informs you it needs to be refilled (if it’s a smart one). All you need to remember are two main things. Do not mix different e-liquids and do not let your container to empty completely until the next refill, as this may cause problems with the coil, which may need to be changed. If you get distracted at any point and vape without enough e-liquid, you may feel a burnt taste that won't be as pleasant as you think.

Vapes that need refilling

Common types of vapes include closed pod systems and open vape systems, including what are sometimes known as bottom-fill and top-fill tanks. There are certain techniques for refilling a device according to the vape type. Let’s look at how to refill each device type.

  • Closed pod system: many closed systems in pod and compact styles use a pre-filled tank of e-liquid, so it’s not possible to refill this type of vape. Instead, the pod should be replaced once it runs out.
  • Open vape system: these vapes usually need to be refilled once the e-liquid runs empty. There are some common signs that may indicate the e-liquid is ready for refilling. This can include a situation where the device begins to produce a weaker flavour, or when there is a low volume of e-liquid remaining as you look through the tank (if it’s a clear one).

Generally, there are two different types of open vape systems that use top-fill and bottom-fill tanks. Refilling of each of these vapes is therefore slightly different.

  • Top-fill tank: this kind of tank can just be unscrewed from the vape device and be refilled. The exact point where you unscrew is the mouthpiece, which gives you full access to the tank, in which you can add the e-liquid of your preference.
  • Bottom-fill tank: during the refill process, these tanks need to be detached from the main body of the electronic cigarette, without unscrewing their mouthpiece. Once the tank is separated, you just turn it upside down and drip your e-liquid through a small hole that is there for exactly that purpose.

How to Prepare for Vape Refilling

For those new to tank refilling, some manufacturers recommend that you take some simple precautions before you start.

  • Put down newspaper and have a piece of kitchen towel to hand in case of spillages. For example, this can help to stop any e-liquid from getting into the battery and causing electrical problems or long-term damage.
  • Check which type of device and system you are using ahead of refilling. If you are not sure which type you have, check the box your device came in - or find the manufacturer’s leaflet which usually contains details about the kit.

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These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.