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What Is a Temperature Controlled Vape?

By IQOS Team

Temperature Controlled Vape

You may not be aware, but there was a time that vapes were associated with burnt tastes and dry hits, - unpleasant throat sensations that made switching away from cigarettes to a smoke-free alternative challenging. Temperature Controlled (TC) vapes remedied this and helped to pave the way for more consistently satisfying experiences, without combustion. This article will dive into how and why vape temperature control has revolutionized the e-cigarette landscape.

First and foremost, a bit of background. With the introduction of temperature control vaping, so came a countermeasure to one of vaping’s most off-putting problems – a burnt taste and dry hits. The unsatisfying sensation of a dry hit can be described as less taste and less vapor than expected. Incidents like this are often the consequence of a dry coil. Keep on vaping with a dry coil and you’ll run the risk of a “burnt hit.” This is because when there is no, or insufficient e-liquid, the coil burns instead of vaporizing the liquid.

So, what is vape temperature control?

That’s where an innovative TC vape comes into play. What is a TC vape? A TC vape is an e-cigarette that can moderate the maximum temperature of your device’s coil and change the power output accordingly. This prevents your coil from exceeding its temperature limit and burning.

With TC vaping, you're likely to get a much better experience, with less hassle. Innovation is driving e-cigarettes forward every single day and you might be wondering if the vape you’re thinking of switching to, or that you’re currently using, is up to speed.

Can I control the temperature of my vape?

Every vape is different and temperature control technology is still an innovation of the last decade. Check out a device’s manufacturer guidance for the most accurate information, as it varies by device and brand. If you have a TC vape, you might have a few questions about how to properly use your device and what your temp control vape settings should look like.

What temperature should I vape at?

The best temperature to vape at comes down to personal preference, but we suggest starting at a lower temperature and seeing how it feels. Most importantly, we recommend that you do some personal research and take your time. If you don’t find the perfect temperature control vape settings straight away, continue your research. Trial and error are the best route to finding what suits your personal preference as you make the switch to a smoke-free alternative.

What wattage should I vape at?

You may need to set the wattage if your TC vape does not automate it. Just like temperature, perhaps try your device’s wattage on its lowest setting. From here you can change things up and find an appropriate volume that suits you. The most innovative and up-to-date vapes will automate this process, but follow up on the manufacturer’s guidance if you're uncertain.

Do coil types and design matter?

The type and design of your vape’s coil matters. That’s because certain coils might not work within a temperature controlled vape. The best practice is to use the device as intended and avoid substituting in other components. It is not recommended to customize your device. Doing so may affect your vape’s performance. You should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

What is TCR mode?

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (often referred to as TCR) mode is a factor within TC vapes. TCR is a value that defines how much resistance changes as the temperature increases. TCR vapes and TC vapes are the same things - TCR is part of what makes temperature control work - and while it might seem complicated as a first-time user, it is possible to use TC vapes without extensive knowledge on the matter.

When it comes to the best temp control vape settings, it’s really a personal preference. We always recommend using your vape as the manufacturer intends. Temperature control vape settings can be an important factor in maximizing your vape experience but why is this?

TC Vaping Pros

Taste is heavily impacted by the temperature of your vape’s coil, so:

  • Temperature control minimizes the chance of any coil-related issues that could affect your vaping experience, namely burnt or dry hits. Consequently, TCR helps bring out the taste of your chosen e-liquid.
  • Broken or damaged coils are often a guilty party when it comes to crackling and popping in vapes. These frustrating sounds can be a nuisance to you and those nearby. As vape temperature control helps protect your device’s coil, the risk of these sounds is reduced.
  • Temperature control helps preserve power and this can have a positive impact on your device’s battery. Less strain means that the battery is likely to last longer - meaning you won’t need to replace it as often.

TC Vaping Cons

For some, there are downsides to temperature controlled vapes. This technology isn’t simple, and it means that you’ll need to invest some time to understand the different types of devices on offer. Not only that but gaining an understanding of the different coil types can go a long way in maximizing your TC vape experience. All of this can be awfully confusing to someone who's just switched from cigarettes to vapes.

Don’t worry though! Many vapes automate the process, so they don’t need as much effort by your side.

If it’s a quality TC vape experience that you’re looking for, the IQOS VEEV vape utilizes VEEV MESH Heating Technology to deliver taste consistency, so the last use tastes as good as the first. This e-cigarette is easy to use; automatic, no synching, no setting modifications. When it comes to temperature control vaping, IQOS VEEV uses smart digital controls designed to prevent overheating.

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