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VEEV pods: A journey of flavor quality with 7 e-liquid options

By IQOS Team

Are you an adult smoker thinking of switching to vaping or have just purchased IQOS VEEV and want to know what flavor options you have? VEEV pods are designed to offer top quality vaping pleasure.

Special design for high quality vaping

IQOS VEEV offers a variety of flavors, from classic to unexpected. They are all crafted in the European Union, with high quality materials and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.

For your safety, VEEV flavor pods are designed to prevent tampering to ensure that the e-liquid cannot be altered.

7 flavors to choose from!

Our flavorists craft VEEV flavors that suit every taste. Do you like tobacco or aromatic flavors? Do you prefer a minty scent? Below you may discover all your choices for a quality vaping experience.

Classic Auburn: Rich and silky

A sophisticated combination of tobacco aromas with silky nutty notes infused with delightful warm flavors.

Classic Blond: Bright and floral

A subtle combination of tobacco aromas with discrete floral undertones.

Classic Mint: Refreshing and creamy

A flavorful composition of cooling menthol with peppermint notes balanced with creamy nuances.

Green Mix: Herbal and creamy

An elegant mix of cooling menthol with herbal notes balanced with subtle creaminess.

Red Mix: Mellow and creamy

An elegant blend of intense red berry flavors layered with delicate creamy notes.

Sunglow Mix: Exotic and zesty

A bright combination of red stone fruit notes layered with zesty undertones.

Mauve mix: Ripe and zesty

A nuanced mix of ripe scents with exotic tropical notes and a zesty touch.

Discover all of the IQOS VEEV e-cigarette flavors!

These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.