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Heated Tobacco Characterising Flavour Ban

Under the legislation from 23 October 2023, the placing on the market of heated tobacco products with a characterising aroma or taste is prohibited. Such products are defined as those with a clearly perceptible aroma and taste, which are different from those of tobacco and are felt before or during consumption of the tobacco product.

Flavours may come and go. Variety of options is here to stay.

We strive to satisfy most demanding palates with the range of tobacco flavours that we create.

TEREA flavours

lil SOLID Ez tobacco sticks

More flavors to explore

Discover new or classic TEREA, HEETS and Fiit flavors.

TEREA Turquoise

A lightly toasted tobacco blend with bright and well-defined sensations.

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TEREA Warm Fuse

Mellow & aromatic tobacco blend with complex sensations.

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TEREA Soft Fuse

Mellow tobacco blend with harmonious and smooth sensations.

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HEETS Turquoise Selection

A lightly toasted tobacco blend with bright and well-defined sensations.

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HEETS Bronze Selection

Mellow tobacco blend with warm character.

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HEETS Silver Selection

Balanced and smooth tobacco blend.

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Fiit Marine

A lightly toasted blend with bright and well-defined sensations.

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Fiit Regular

An aromatic blend with warm notes.

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Fiit Element Fall

A mellow and aromatic tobacco blend combined with satisfying sensations.

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