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Getting started with your IQOS 2.4

1.Press the button on your IQOS 2.4 for one second until you see a light on your Pocket Charger. No light? Try charging your IQOS with the IQOS AC power adaptor and cable.

2. Open the lid, insert the Holder into the Pocket Charger, and close. When the small light flashes, your device is charging.

3. Gently insert a HEETS stick into the Holder, being careful not to twist.

4. Press and hold the Holder button. After one vibration, the Holder light will slowly pulse. When the light stops pulsing and stays sold, your Holder is ready to use.

5. If the light starts fading, it's almost time to remove the HEETS tobacco stick. When the light turns off, recharge your device before using it again.

Charging your IQOS 2.4

1. Take out your used HEETS tobacco stick from the Holder.

2. Put your IQOS 2.4 PLUS Holder in the Pocket Charger and close the lid. When you see a small light flash, your Holder is flashing.

3. After a few minutes, the small light will stop flashing. Your Holder is charged and ready to use.

4. When the battery lights on your Pocket Charger fade, plug it into a wall outlet using your IQOS cable and AC power adaptor to recharge.

Cleaning your IQOS 2.4

1. Wait for your IQOS 2.4 to cool down then slide the cap off.

2. Tap out any loose tobacco from inside your Holder then insert the cleaning tool. Once in, gently twist two or three times before carefully removing it.

3. Clean your device using the cleaning sticks as often as you can. Remember to avoid the blade, and don’t forget to clean the cap top to bottom too. A cleaner device makes for a better taste experience. It’s as simple as that.

Tips from us, to you

That’s not all. There’s more useful information in our IQOS 2.4 User Guide.

Our IQOS 2.4 User Guide will let you delve deeper into how your device works and what it can do.

Download the user guide

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