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Your first steps with IQOS ILUMA ONE

An IQOS ILUMA ONE in a box.

Get started with your new IQOS ILUMA ONE with a few easy steps

1. Tap the button on your IQOS ILUMA ONE to check your battery level. If the level is low then charge the device with the power adaptor that comes together with the device. If the battery is completely discharged, it can take up to 90 minutes.

2. By pressing the button for four seconds you can turn the device ON/OFF.

3. Slide the cap to open and gently insert a TEREA stick to the line on filter with filter facing outside as seen in the video. Press the button for at least 1 second until IQOS ILUMA ONE vibrates and Status Light(s) pulse(s). Keep the TEREA stick in position during the preheating. Start using once IQOS ILUMA ONE vibrates and Status lights stay fixed.

4. When you feel another vibration and only one Light pulsing white, your IQOS time is nearly up (30 sec or 2 puffs remaining). Simply remove the TEREA stick, by pulling it upwards. Slide to close the cap.

Good to know
- During use, the experience will stop if the TEREA stick is removed from your IQOS ILUMA ONE.
- The IQOS ILUMA ONE will stop if the ambient temperature is out of range (0℃⁓40℃). If so, all lights blink twice in white and then switch off. If the ambient temperature is low, try warming the device in your hand for at least a minute.

Hands plugging an IQOS ILUMA ONE into a power adaptor.

Charging your IQOS ILUMA ONE

1. Tap the button on your IQOS ILUMA ONE to check the battery level. If the bottom of the light strip blinks yellow, this means the battery is low on charge.

2. Charge the IQOS ILUMA ONE with the power adaptor that comes together with the device. For a full charge, plug the device for at least 75 minutes. When full, all lights will stay solid white and then turn off.

IQOS ILUMA ONE usage tips

IQOS ILUMA ONE usage tips

IQOS ILUMA ONE device with a TEREA stick.

Inserting TEREA sticks

Make sure you only use TEREA sticks with your IQOS ILUMA ONE. They are single use so ensure you do not reinsert a used one.

A power adaptor.

Keeping battery power

Charging your IQOS ILUMA ONE on a daily basis is the best way to ensure you're never without your IQOS. Always charge the IQOS ILUMA ONE with the manufacturer-approved power adaptor.

A mobile phone in a person's hand.

IQOS app interface

You can customize your experience with the IQOS app. Get notifications, tips and tutorials too.

IQOS ILUMA™ is used exclusively with TEREA ™ tobacco sticks. Previous IQOS device versions with blade and HEETS are not compatible with IQOS ILUMA™ and TEREA™. Improper use may damage the device.

Do not ingest or disassemble TEREA™ sticks. This product contains a sharp metal part which can cause serious injury if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.

See important information

A woman holding an IQOS ILUMA ONE device while looking at a laptop.


Our IQOS ILUMA ONE User Guide will let you deep dive into how your device works and how to use it.


Having problems?
Troubleshoot your IQOS ILUMA ONE


Older generation devices’ support

We keep offering support service for devices that are no longer available for sale in an expanded network of partners. If necessary and if you are entitled to a device or component replacement, we will ensure that we can proceed, for a reasonable period after a product’s delistυ, based on the stock.

In the event that there is no stock of a specific product for replacement, we give you the opportunity to get a new one of the same or newer technology.

This way, we ensure that our services fully satisfy your support needs, regardless of the device you use.

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