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These products are not risk-free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.

Something went wrong with your IQOS? Find the solution!

By IQOS Team

people holding IQOS 3 DUO GOLD and Stellar Blue

Did something go wrong with your device? Don’t worry! For every problem, there is a solution available. We have written down the 5 most common problems that you may face with your IQOS, as well as their solutions.

Shall we go through them?

    1. IQOS charging problems

    Is your IQOS charging too slowly? Are the status lights blinking or are not lit at all during the charging? Don’t worry, this problem can easily be solved!

    What to do: Make sure that you’re using the original IQOS charging cable and power adaptor, which are completely compatible with your device. Then, restart your device by pressing the power button of the pocket charger for 10 seconds consecutively. If after these steps, the charging problems persist, you probably need a new charging cable or a power adaptor.

    2. The status lights of the IQOS Holder are flashing

    Sometimes the status lights of your device might blink in a white or red color.

    What to do: If the status lights blink in white, maybe there is a temperature problem. Try leaving your device to cool off for a few minutes. If the status lights are red, restart your IQOS. If they continue to do so, contact us, so we can help you.

    3. Red light on the pocket charger

    Did a red light appear on the pocket charger? We have instructions on how to find out what is the matter and solve the issue.

    What to do: Make sure that you’re using the original IQOS charging accessories. Clean the Holder’s parts that are in contact with the pocket charger using a cleaning stick. Remove any tobacco residues from the pocket charger and then put the holder back in. If the problem remains, check the heating blade or contact us.

    4. You’re not satisfied with the puffs.

    Do you insert the HEETS tobacco stick in the Holder of your IQOS and you’re ready for a smoke-free experience, but you’re not quite satisfied with the puffs?

    What to do: Your IQOS cleaning is probably mandatory. After your device has cooled off, slide the cap upwards. Use the IQOS Cleaning Tool and Dry Cleaning Sticks to get rid of the tobacco build-up. Repeat the same process after every HEETS packet you go through.

    5. Broken heating blade

    Don’t forget that the heating blade is sensitive, especially when it’s hot. So make sure that you’re cleaning the Holder gently and you’re not twisting the HEETS stick when inserting it. And what if it breaks? Well, sometimes accidents happen.

    What to do: Let us know! If you’re a member of IQOS CLUB, you’re entitled to the Accidental Damage Warranty, which covers the broken blade issue.

These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.