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TOP 7+1 IQOS Facts

By IQOS Team

TOP 7+1 IQOS Facts

Thinking of switching to IQOS, but not sure where to start? From our award-winning design to the number of IQOS stores worldwide, find out the 7+1 facts you need to know about IQOS.

1. In November 2014, the first ever IQOS product was launched in Nagoya, Japan. Four years later, Japan is now the biggest market in the world for IQOS products. Of the 6.6 million IQOS users worldwide, over half of them are in Japan.

2. IQOS products are popular around the world: they are currently available in 47 countries across 6 continents, with a total of almost 6.6 million users to-date.

3. Each of the HEETS you use in your IQOS lasts for around 12-14 puffs. This is about the same time it takes to smoke a cigarette. HEETS are available in a selection of flavours that you can enjoy and which are represented with different colours on the package.

4. We are serious about creating a Smoke-Free future. Since 2008, we have invested more than 6 billion dollars developing & assessing smoke-free products, with the help of more than 430 scientists, engineers and technicians.

5. Do you prefer to shop the old-fashioned way? Don’t worry. We’ ve got you covered. There are 63 IQOS stores around the world. In Greece, there are 29 IQOS stores and you may also find IQOS throughout the network of Public and GERMANOS stores.

6. Charging IQOS is simple and easy. The IQOS Holder needs to be charged after every use using the IQOS charger. It usually takes 3.30 minutes for IQOS 3 to be fully charged and 4 minutes for IQOS PLUS. Once you have finished a pack of HEETS, you need to recharge the IQOS charger. This usually takes around 90 minutes, and IQOS is ready for use.

7. The majority of smokers, who switch to IQOS, use it exclusively and completely quit cigarettes. This means that, on a daily basis, thousand smokers move towards a smoke-free future.

8. IQOS 3, the best IQOS ever is available in Greece! This model has a leading design & advanced technology, is easier to use & charge and offers hundreds of colourful combinations allowing you to adjust it, as you like!

These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.