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The IQOS Essentials You Need to Know

By IQOS Team

IQOS 3 DUO package

What if you could enjoy the taste of tobacco without burning it? This is the main concept behind IQOS heated tobacco products. As a leading solution of the smoke-free category, IQOS provides a better alternative to smoking and guarantees a unique taste experience.

How does IQOS tobacco heating system work?

The IQOS tobacco heating system is composed of 2 parts: the HEETS tobacco stick, and the IQOS device which includes the holder and the charger. The Heatstick is placed into the top part of the holder and, at the press of a button, it is heated in seconds releasing a tobacco vapor. Each Heatstick lasts for about 12-14 puffs, similar to a cigarette.

What does IQOS taste and smell like?

Heated tobacco products use real tobacco leaves, so you can enjoy the flavor of real tobacco. The temperature is electronically monitored and it reaches up to 350°C, so that the tobacco is heated, but it is not burned. IQOS offers a consistent result during the entire use, from the first until the last puff. In addition, you may change flavours depending on your mood. Opt for menthol HEETS or try the Yellow label for a smoother tobacco blend.

IQOS produces vapor which leaves a less intense smell and is easily dissolved. The smell left on your hands, hair and clothing, and in the room, is very much less than the smell of a cigarette, which leaves a prolonged and intense smell.

What is the look and feel of IQOS? IQOS is small and fits in your hand. It does not require a lighter, as no burning takes place.

All IQOS models are available in many colours, and you may adjust them with a wide range of accessories, based on your preferences in order to match your device to your lifestyle.

Thanks to the range of IQOS accessories, the device can fit your lifestyle and all your needs. For those who are always on the go or are frequent travelers, there is a range of transport cases in various flavours. The IQOS container is perfect for the disposal of used HEETS. You may even combine the IQOS holder caps which are available in various colours to match your look.

Is IQOS easy to buy?

Only adult smokers (over 18 years of age) can buy IQOS. Adult smokers can buy IQOS Ready To Go Kit, which contains the essentials. It includes a cleaning tool, a cleaning stick, a supply cable and a USB stick.

How safe is the IQOS device?

Thanks to its many years of technological research, Philip Morris International has carefully designed IQOS according to strict standards in order to ensure high security and enjoyment. At the heart of IQOS, there is a golden platinum heating blade. An advanced electronic system carefully monitors the temperature of IQOS, ensuring that no burning takes place. The IQOS holder is automatically switched off, in case of overheating.

Can I take IQOS with me in any country?

The use of IQOS is allowed in the European Union countries, pursuant to applicable law of each country. However, many countries have different regulations related to the use of tobacco heating products and IQOS is not available in all of these countries. Some countries restrict the imports and the use of electronic cigarettes, and, although IQOS is not an electronic cigarette, but a heated tobacco product, you should be careful when you travel. Countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan do not allow the use of heated tobacco products, and, in certain cases, you could receive a fine or even get arrested. Before leaving on vacation, make sure that you have checked the applicable laws on tobacco products in your country of destination, to ensure that you are fully informed.

Why should I choose IQOS?

IQOS is the most developed heating tobacco system in the world. 6.6 adult smokers worldwide have already made this choice. It is the best alternative to smoking for those who would otherwise continue to smoke while still giving you a taste similar to cigarettes, but without any smoke.

These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.