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These products are not risk-free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.

What are the airport smoking lounge rules?

By IQOS Team

What are the airport smoking lounge rules?

As you probably already know, an airport's smoking lounge is a designated area that allows adult smokers and users of e-cigarettes or heated tobacco devices to enjoy their cigarettes or smoke-free alternatives.

The rules around smoking lounges will vary by airport, and that’s because every airport is different and sets its own rules. For that reason, whether you’re booking a flight to go on holiday, a work trip or something else entirely, it is useful to do some quick research in terms of your destination’s airport smoking rules and regulations.

However, one thing is for sure. Whichever airport you go to, there will be a place to enjoy your heated tobacco device or e-cigarette. All you have to do is ask an airport staff member to direct you to the right place.

Where can I find an airport smoking lounge?

The location of a smoking lounge, or smoking room, varies from airport to airport. Generally speaking, international airports do not allow indoor smoking, and designated smoking areas can usually be found outside of the facilities. It is important to consider that you usually cannot smoke once you have passed security control.

At the Athens International Airport, "Eleftherios Venizelos", as well as in other major airports in Greece, there are smoking lounges close to some departure gates Intra and Extra Schengen, which you can easily locate if you ask a member of the airport staff or by doing a quick search online.

If your destination airport does not have a designated smoking lounge, you can try looking for an alternative outside area, such as a patio. Either way, the airport staff are on hand to help you, so just ask. Don't risk smoking or using any smoke-free alternative somewhere you're not sure it's allowed, because airport security is pretty strict and you might have a problem.

Can I vape in an airport smoking lounge?

As with rules around the use of cigarettes, those for smoke-free alternatives vary between airports. Usage of vapes and other smoke-free alternatives is always prohibited by airports, unless there is an airport smoking lounge. Vapes are banned by most airlines and you cannot vape on a plane – the same applies for heated tobacco devices. Keep your tobacco heating or vaping device in your carry-on / hand-luggage, from boarding onwards – and throughout the duration of your journey. Avoid packing it into your check-in luggage or suitcase as this is often prohibited.

Your IQOS choices

Vapes like IQOS VEEV heat an e-liquid to produce vapour instead of smoke. There is a variety of different types of electronic cigarettes like cigalikes, mod systems, vape pens and pod systems. The latter is ideal for adult smokers due to its simplicity, without cutting corners on quality. The best decision any adult smoker can make is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. IQOS VEEV is not risk-free and provides nicotine, which is addictive.

Another option to consider is tobacco heating systems. As their name suggests, these systems will heat tobacco, instead of burning it. The IQOS heated tobacco range includes, amongst others, the revolutionary IQOS ILUMA, a top-of-the-range device when it comes to heated tobacco. IQOS is not risk-free and contains nicotine, which is addictive.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Smoking alternatives are not risk free. They deliver nicotine, which is addictive. They are intended for use by adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use nicotine products and are by no means a cessation method.
The best option to reduce the health risks associated with the use of tobacco and nicotine products is to quit their use altogether. However, for those adults who would otherwise continue to smoke, switching completely to vaping or heated tobacco products could be a better choice than continuing to smoke.

The content of this article is informative and does not constitute legal advice. Vape users must check the applicable regulations of their country of destination.

These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.