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These products are not risk-free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.

Your IQOS device is ready for the summer holidays!

By IQOS Team

iqos summer

The time has come… The temperature is high and the sea is calling our name. Before you pack your IQOS device in your bag, learn how to use it safely throughout the summer season. Let’s get into some tips that will be of use for sure, whether you are to embark on your vacation or just enjoying summer in the city.

Summer along with the IQOS ILUMA

The innovative IQOS ILUMA incorporates the revolutionary SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM technology and goes hand-in-hand with the TEREA tobacco sticks. So, before you take it with you, make sure you take a look at the following:

  • Battery care: To start, make sure that your battery is sufficiently charged. If not, keep in mind that a full charge takes around 135 minutes. Now, if you want to check your battery’s level, simply click the button on the side of your device once. The LED lights you’ll see will indicate how much power you’ve got left. If your device shows 2 white lights, this means that it is at 50%. For more information, check here what each indication means as well as how many uses you have left.
  • Protection from the heat and humidity: As with all electronic devices, you need to be a bit more cautious when heat and humidity come into play. Therefore, try to store your device in a shady place to avoid direct contact with the sun and the high temperatures that can be developed. If you notice white lights flashing twice on the base, it means that your IQOS ILUMA is outside its normal operating temperature range of >0°C/40°C. Also, when you are at the beach or pool, try not to use the device to avoid any contact with water. You can protect your beloved IQOS ILUMA device with specially designed accessories available in a wide variety of colors to choose the one that suits you.
  • Sufficient quantity of tobacco sticks: If you do not plan to visit a remote destination, then don’t worry! With the expanded network of IQOS points of sale throughout Greece, you will surely be able to easily purchase your favourite TEREA tobacco sticks. In case you are traveling and you’re not sure if there is availability in the place you will visit, make sure you pack enough with you beforehand. In any case, you can have a look at the nearest point of sale around your area of interest.

Your IQOS VEEV goes on holiday

IQOS VEEV is a closed-type electronic cigarette, operating using pre-filled pods. This is also an electronic device, so similarly to what we mentioned above, have a read through some points that you can follow, especially during summer.

  • Battery charge: As you most probably know, electronic cigarettes operate with the help of a battery. But with IQOS VEEV, there is nothing you should worry about, since a full battery charge takes less than 35 minutes* and it can last all day**. You can check the battery level easily when you turn on the device. The LED lights on the side of your device indicate the current battery level. When the battery is drained, a white light will flash for a few seconds before the device is turned off.
  • *when your IQOS VEEV is used with a manufacturer-approved AC adapter sold separately.
    **based on 145 inhalations/day on average. Individual vaping behavior may vary.

  • Keep away from sun and heat: Battery functionality can be affected by high temperatures. For this reason, make sure to protect your e-cigarette from sun exposure and avoid contact with water and moisture, as they may also affect its operation. To stop worrying about all the above, all you have to do is choose a protective case for your IQOS VEEV. This way, you can rest assured that your device is protected. Choose among 5 different colours to “dress” your IQOS VEEV in your own summer style!
  • Sufficient amount of e-liquid: Before finishing up packing your stuff, make sure you have a sufficient quantity of pre-filled VEEV pods, which come in a variety of flavours. In case you are travelling, check the legislation of the place you are visiting to obtain the appropriate quantities.

VEEV NOW right in your pocket

VEEV NOW is a disposable electronic cigarette with a stylish pocket-sized design that will fit comfortably in your bag. This device is ready to be used, from the first inhalation, without the need to charge it or have extra e-liquid with you to replenish when needed. The battery is fully charged and can give you up to 500 puffs. If you want to check the battery level, just check the LED light on your VEEV NOW, which turns on as you inhale. Once the battery and the prefilled e-liquid run out, the device will automatically stop working and all you have to do is start using another one. One thing you should remember for sure though is that VEEV NOW is also an electronic device and its operation can be affected by extreme weather conditions, so make sure to keep it away from the sun and heat.

Having come this far, you've learned everything you need to take care of your IQOS device during summer. At this point all we have to do is wish you a happy and carefree summer!

These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.