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How Long Does a HEETS Stick Last?

By IQOS Team

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Every single IQOS experience lasts about 6 minutes or 14 puffs - whichever comes first. This is equal to the smoking of a cigarette.

If you feel that a HEETS tobacco stick lasts less than that, do not jump to easy conclusions! HEETS are not defective. It is maybe that you just don’t know all the secrets around them. Things that will help you to fully enjoy your IQOS experience.

Tips for IQOS experience that lasts

The rhythm and the intensity of the puffs are very important. Please, remember that you do not need to inhale fast or intensively. Longer and gentler puffs will extend the duration of your experience. So… take your time!

To enjoy the tobacco pleasure from the very first puff, start inhaling 2-3 seconds after the status light on the IQOS holder becomes stable.

Why are HEETS smaller than cigarettes?

If you recently switched to IQOS, you may be surprised by the size of the HEETS sticks. Compared to cigarettes, HEETS tobacco sticks are specially designed to be heated instead of getting burnt.

The tobacco inside cigarettes is rolled loosely to allow air to flow while it burns. However, the tobacco inside HEETS is compressed rather than being rolled loosely. This ensures equal exposure to the IQOS heating blade and better airflow from the tobacco part to the filter.

Pleasure of 9 flavors

HEETS are available in 9 flavors, with blends and aromas that suit all tastes. Try them all and find the one that best suits you! If you feel that you can’t choose your flavor, the Taste Advisor will help you with a short quiz.

These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.