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heets tobacco sticks

HEETS tobacco sticks: Nothing less than more

Learn what lies behing the ultimate taste experience of your favorite HEETS tobacco sticks!

heated cigarette

Is IQOS a “heated cigarette”?

Are you wondering if IQOS is a “heated cigarette”? Click on the article to solve your questions!

papastratos sustainability

Sustainability and innovation for a smoke-free world

Read all about Papastratos' sustainability report!

how to clean e cigarette

How to clean your e-cigarette

Learn all the secrets about cleaning your e-cigarette!

e-cigarette battery

Ε-cigarette battery – Why does it die so fast?

Your e-cigarette dies too fast? Maybe the answer you're looking for is in the article!

iqos red light

IQOS red light - The solution is on YouTube

Red light on your IQOS? Alex from your special team will explain everything to you on IQOS' YouTube channel!

vaping burnt taste

Burnt taste during vaping explained

Are you wondering why you get a burnt taste while vaping? This article will answer all of your questions!

e liquid

What is e liquid?

Do you have questions about what is e liquid and how it works? Learn everything you need to know here!

IQOS 3 DUO WE Edition

The WE Edition IQOS 3 DUO is Here

Discover the limited edition IQOS 3 DUO, inspired by our differences and uniqueness!

iqos club community wall

The Community Wall is Here! Only at IQOS CLUB

Share your own IQOS moments on the Community Wall of IQOS CLUB and claim points or unique gifts!

fiit heated tobacco sticks

Fiit tobacco sticks: Choices, up. Price, down

See all the available Fiit tobacco sticks flavors, as well as their new decreased price!

vaping vs smoking

Vaping vs Smoking: What are their differences?

Vaping vs Smoking: Learn all about their differences!


How to Vape - A beginner’s guide for adult smokers

Are you new in the e-cigarette world and have questions? Then this article is just for you!

iqos youtube

A new team of experts has arrived at IQOS YouTube

Learn everything about IQOS and heated tobacco on the IQOS YouTube channel!


New IQOS ILUMA: Launched in Japan

Learn about the new IQOS ILUMA, which launched in Japan this August!

woman with sunglasses doing IQOS

IQOS 3 DUO: An offer you didn’t expect

Our flagship IQOS 3 DUO device on an offer you didn't expect. Click on the article to learn more!

IQOS stores at Christmas

Feel Christmas with all your senses at IQOS stores

Are you ready to feel Christmas with all your senses?

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