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IQOS Warranty – Everything you need to Know

By IQOS Team

woman opening an IQOS 3 DUO Gold while drinking coffee
Warranty in the IQOS way!

Did you know that on IQOS you have a 12 month warranty for every device you buy? Amazing news, right? Wait, till you learn more!

More specifically, IQOS provides you with a one year warranty, starting from the purchase date of your device, which covers any functional issue that may occur. The only thing you will need to activate it, is to register your device to your name or additionally to your profile on

If you have any difficulties in registering your device, don't worry we have made it really easy for you. How? With a quick how-to video on IQOS' Youtube Channel!

Registered your device? You can now do an online personalized IQOS diagnostic test, track the status of your warranty and of course submit an online request for a replacement of your IQOS.

*If you bought your device from our website, then it is automatically registered, so you don’t lose a single day from your benefits!

What does the IQOS warranty cover?

The customer service team will fix or replace any device components which are defective, as long as they have been used in accordance with the IQOS™ User Guide and which are subject to a valid warranty date.

What does the IQOS warranty not cover?

Some cases of defects don’t fall under the warranty. These may concern:

  • Damage caused by normal wear and tear
  • Cosmetic damage (such as scratches, dents, broken plastic etc.)
  • Damage caused by misuse, power surge, improper handling, liquid contact or fire etc.

For more details about what is covered or not by the IQOS warranty, visit the page with the information on the IQOS warranty and device replacement.

Before you leave, note that: More privileges are awaiting if you become a member of IQOS CLUB!

Top notch customer service is self-explanatory for us. That’s the reason why, if you register to IQOS CLUB you acquire the privilege of the additional Accidental Damage Warranty.

What is the Accidental Damage Warranty?

Accidental Damage covers issues of the components of your IQOS (the Holder and the Pocket Charger), that may have occurred from misuse.

So if you are a member of IQOS CLUB and are facing problems like a broken blade or a broken charger button, you can replace each one of the components of your device once.

*Note that any damage that doesn’t make your device not functional, is not covered by Accidental Damage.

What happens if you’re travelling abroad and you’re having a problem with your IQOS?

With coverage on 39 countries and 24/7 availability, the IQOS Support never stops!

Register your device before you leave and don’t forget to join IQOS CLUB. That’s it, you’re ready!

If anything occurs during your trip in one of the collaborating countries of the International Assistance Program, you can proceed on replacing your device.

So, what are you waiting for?

These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.