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These products are not risk-free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.

Smoking Alternatives to Replace Cigarettes

By IQOS Team

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Replacing Cigarettes with Better Alternatives

IQOS is a heated tobacco device with years of scientific research and testing. It’s designed to replace the rituals of cigarette smoking.

The wonderful thing about the world we live in today is that we are spoiled for choice. Regardless of what we are interested in, a simple search online will bring up various options for us to explore and choose from. And yes, even for an adult smoker who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products and interested in exploring other tobacco products as a replacement for cigarettes, there are plenty of options to delve into.

If you are an adult smoker looking to replace cigarettes, here are some helpful things about cigarette alternatives.

What are the different options for smoking alternatives?

E-cigarettes are one of the alternatives to cigarette. They do not contain tobacco, but rather, use e-liquids that are generally flavored. The e-liquids are heated in order to generate an aerosol, or what some users may call, vapor. There is a very wide range of e-cigarettes and e-liquids on the market, all with varying performance.

If you are considering e-cigarettes as a replacement for cigarettes, one difference that e-cigarettes have over cigarettes is that they are smoke-free. Tobacco does not burn in the case of e-cigarettes, since nothing gets lit on fire. This is important to note; as we’ll discuss a bit later on with respect to cigarettes.

There is also another type of cigarette alternative, called “heat-not-burn”, or heated tobacco, which uses real tobacco that’s specially processed. Innovative technology heats the tobacco in the device to a specific temperature, which also means there’s nothing actually being lit with fire. Once again, this prevents combustion from happening, and as a result, heat-not-burn products have the same difference from cigarettes as e-cigarettes of being smoke-free.

IQOS is one such heat-not-burn alternative to smoking. Developed by Philip Morris International, IQOS utilizes a smart technology called HeatControl™ to precisely control the heating temperature of specially designed tobacco sticks, called HEETS.

How is IQOS heated tobacco different than smoking cigarettes?

The most important difference between IQOS heated tobacco and smoking cigarettes is this: while IQOS is not risk-free and does deliver nicotine, which is addictive, IQOS heated tobacco is a better choice than continuing to smoke cigarettes. The main reason for this has already been hinted to – it’s based on how IQOS eliminates combustion.

The lit end of cigarettes burns at temperatures around 600°C, but it may exceed 800°C during inhalation. Combustion of cigarettes produces over 6,000 chemicals. At least 100 of them have been recognized as causes or possible causes for diseases related to smoking. On the other hand, IQOS only heats the tobacco up to 350 °C, which stops the tobacco from burning.

Using IQOS as an alternative to continued smoking cigarettes has several benefits:

  1. No smoke: Unlike cigarettes, IQOS does not produce smoke, but rather, a tobacco vapor.
  2. No ash: Since IQOS does not burn tobacco, it also does not produce ash.
  3. Less lingering smell: The tobacco vapor produced by IQOS dissipates more quickly than cigarette smoke, leaving less lingering smell than cigarettes. Your hands, hair, clothes – and maybe even those who are close to you – will thank you!
  4. Less staining on teeth: The tobacco vapor produced by IQOS leaves significantly less stains on teeth compared top cigarettes, when used exclusively*.

*In case your teeth have already stains from smoking cigarettes, switching to IQOS will not reverse the color of existing stains. The result will be evident after a professional dental cleaning and with total switching to IQOS.

IQOS is a better alternative compared to continued smoking. IQOS offers you a clean tobacco experience, without the smoke, ash and lingering smell that come from smoking cigarettes. With IQOS, you can just leave cigarette behind.

Important information: IQOS is not risk-free. It delivers nicotine which is addictive.

These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.