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An IQOS ILUMA device, an IQOS ILUMA ONE, and an IQOS ILUMA PRIME device.

Experience the unexpected.

The most unexpected celebration is right in the corner. Will you miss it?


We invited IQOS CLUB members to vote and give their own unique character to an event dedicated to the positive choice they made when switched to IQOS.

Location, music, taste and experiences. All inspired by the different features of the IQOS community.

A smiling man at a campsite holds an IQOS VEEV device.


September 29th @ The Ellinikon Experience Park

This is your last chance to claim one of 10 double invitations to attend the big event.

Enter IQOS CLUB now and get yours.

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Frequently asked questions:

Unfortunately, no. The campaign is exclusively available to adult IQOS consumers who have registered on IQOS CLUB.

You may find here the detailed instructions for registering on IQOS CLUB. If you meet the criteria and still do not have access to IQOS CLUB, contact us.

The Together X campaign aims to bring all adult IQOS consumers even closer together and provide an opportunity to celebrate the positive choices they have made. Its ultimate goal is a big celebration that will take place on September 29th and will be created entirely from their choices. Our consumers choose the tastes, sounds and atmosphere. We make it happen in the most unexpected ways.

The final participants will be selected after a lottery process. To be able to participate, visit the Together X on IQOS CLUB, and take part in the four voting phases that will be held consecutively and on specific dates that will be indicated on the voting home page. Depending on the tier you belong, the corresponding entries for the draw are also counted. The draw will take place after the end of the voting (08 September 2023).

The draw for runners-up and alternates held on Friday, September 8, 2023. Winners will receive an email asking them to RSVP for the IQOS celebration on September 29th. If the invitation is accepted, a communication will automatically be sent to the winner and an adult friend. It will include the relevant information and the QR Code to enter the venue.