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Cleaning your device - FAQs

To get the best IQOS experience, we recommend cleaning your IQOS device with IQOS Cleaning Tools once a day – but of course, you can clean it more often if you like.
It’s easy to clean your IQOS Holder and cap:
To clean your IQOS Holder:
• Prepare
1. Switch off your IQOS Holder.
2. Wait for at least 30 seconds for the blade to cool down.
3. Remove the cap.
4. Slide open your IQOS Cleaning Tool and check that it’s free from particles and not damaged.
• Insert
• Gently insert the IQOS Cleaning Tool without twisting, until it touches the bottom of the heating chamber.
• Clean
1. Gently twist the IQOS Cleaning Tool two or three times.
2. Stop twisting and remove the Cleaning Tool straight from the Holder.
3. Gently tap the Holder and the Cleaning Tool to remove any tobacco residue.
• Finish
1. Insert the IQOS Cleaning Stick into the chamber.
2. Please don’t push or hit the Stick against the blade.
3. Please don’t try to clean the blade.
4. If the IQOS Cleaning Stick is blocked, don’t force it. Use the Cleaning Tool to help unblock it.
To clean your IQOS cap:
1. Use the IQOS Cleaning Sticks to clean the inside of the cap from the top.
2. To clean the bottom of the cap:
a. Insert the IQOS Cleaning Tool until it touches the bottom.
b. Gently twist the IQOS Cleaning Tool two or three times.
c. Then stop twisting, and gently tap both the cap and the IQOS Cleaning Tool to remove any tobacco residue.
Gently tap the IQOS Cleaning Tool on a surface and use a cloth to get rid of the residue.
Please don’t clean it with water as the humidity could damage the electronics in your IQOS device next time you clean it.
These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.