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Through the IQOS App you can upgrade your device software , as well as make changes related to its features such as a changes in vibrations, lighting, etc.
You can make use of the IQOS App:
  1. Via the Playstore app on your Android phone
  2. Via you can connect your device to your computer (Windows & Mac) via cable (or Bluetooth) to the webapp,
    • with an android phone
    • with an iOS phone via Blufy
  3. Via Widget on a computer (Windows & Mac)
Fορ your own convenience, we recommend that you use the IQOS App with a cable connection to (webapp).
All you need to do is have an active account and confirm that you are over 18 years old.account on IQOS website. Once done, open the application on your mobile phone and select your country and language. Use your user name and password from IQOS website to log-in to the IQOS app. Follow the steps in the application to complete the process, and, please, ensure that your account and your app are registered in the same country*.

* To change your country, please uninstall and reinstall the application.
You can upgrade the software of your device. This process will correct any possible bugs. In the meantime, battery life will be prolonged. You can also personalise the functions of your device (e.g. change in vibrations, lighting).
Yes you can, provided that you have already created your account.* If your device is not registered yet, once paired with the IQOS app, it will be automatically registered under your account. The app displays IQOS devices that are registered in your account even if they were not previously paired with the app. Pairing your IQOS device enables to:
  • adjust settings to personalize your IQOS experience
  • ensure device functionality in case of minor malfunctions
  • • ensure device functionality in case of minor malfunctions
  • view device usage
You can pair more than one IQOS device with the IQOS app. If you have not yet registered the device, you can do so while pairing. The device will be automatically registered to your account.
If your device is connected, the app will indicate ‘Device Connected’. If your device has already been paired, it will appear in the carousel of all your devices in the ‘Devices’ tab. To see if a previously paired device is currently connected, go to the DEVICE tab and navigate to the device you want to check by scrolling left or right. In case of pairing errors, the corresponding message is displayed.
In the app: Go to the DEVICES tab and scroll to the bottom. Tap on the ‘Unpair device’ button. Please note that unpairing a device removes the Bluetooth connectivity link between the device and the app. However your device remains registered in your account. You can pair it again at any time.
Internet connection is required to ensure the following features or sections are up to date and accurate:
  • Log in / launch the app for the first time
  • View usage
  • My account
  • Select Country
  • Shop Online
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Notice
  • Registering devices
  • Some online photo or video content
  • Nearest IQOS Store finder
Features that are not included in the above list do not require internet access, e.g. FAQs.
The benefit you miss out is that of counting of the usage, in the Android mobile app and in the PC Widget (Windows & Mac).
Initially, you sign in to your account. Then, via Bluetooth, an option that you will find in all App environments, you connect your device. However, we recommend the more stable cable connection.
The impact on the battery is immaterial. We use energy efficient Bluetooth® 4.0 technology.
To view app notifications: Account > Notifications To change or stop app notifications: More > Settings > Notifications > adjust notification settings you wish to receive and preferences To upgrade Firmware: Device > About my device > Firmware upgrade To change the language: More > Settings > Language > Choose your language
AUTO-CLEANING – enables to trigger the auto-cleaning feature on demand. This feature is available for the devices with the following firmware versions:
  • IQOS™ 2.4 Plus - v2.3.0 and above only
  • • IQOS 3™ - v1.1.2 and above for Android, all versions for IQOS desktop app
  • IQOS 3™ DUO - all versions
VIBRATIONS - allows to adjust the vibration alerts of your experiences:
  • when your Holder is charged and ready to use*
  • when the Holder starts heating
  • when the device is ready to use after the pre-heating
  • when the device approaches the end of the experience
  • at the end of the experience
*Only for device models with Holders – IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS 3 MULTI. ILLUMINATION MODE - enables to control the brightness of the device LED lights from 100 % to 50%. Note, this feature is not available for IQOS™ 2.4 Plus devices and some older versions of IQOS 3™, IQOS 3 MULTI™, IQOS 3™ DUO devices. LOCATE MY DEVICE - helps you find your lost or misplaced IQOS™ device. It enables to view the location where your device was connected to your phone for the last time. For IQOS™ 2.4 Plus, IQOS 3™, IQOS 3™ DUO, if the device is connected (and in the vicinity), the app can trigger your device to vibrate to facilitate the location. Note, that vibrations can only be triggered if the Holder is inside the Pocket Charger. Vibration is not available for IQOS 3 MULTI™, but the location feature is available.
Automatic cleaning by the IQOS App is not necessary or mandatory, as the proper operation of the device depends on regular cleaning (<20 uses) with the cleaner and the cleaning sticks, therefore there is no specific recommendation of frequency of use. It's an extra tool at your fingertips to help you keep the device in good condition. Don't forget that automatic cleaning consumes part of the battery of the pocket charger.
Battery performance decreases over time and due to everyday use. These settings have little effect on consumption and as functions are designed to adjust your preferences.
Error Detection does not always detect all malfunctions. For a complete diagnosis of device errors you can proceed to a diagnostic check via Alternatively, you can visit a physical store or contact the IQOS support team.
No, Error Detection does not always detect all malfunctions. For a complete diagnosis of the device's errors you can proceed with the diagnostic check via, visit a physical store or contact the IQOS support team.
You can activate it via Bluetooth through the mobile app, Widget or and via cable when using the App via computer (webapp).
You can rename your device to identify it against your account balances. It is a feature that is not stored in the data related to device support, so it is not visible to us.
While browsing the app, we recommend that you regularly check if there is software available for upgrade, as this will improve the performance of the device. The warranty of the device is not affected. As upgrades to software versions are not predefined, we make sure that each upgrade supports optimal performance every time. Each time, the most recent version is important, so you don't need to keep track of which version your device has. We may-or may not-contact you (depending on your communication preferences on our part) to inform you about possible upgraded software for your device.
You can only connect and upgrade one device at a time. In the IQOS App you can connect/pre-register for as many devices as you have in your profile.
For an upgrade of the application, there is a corresponding update (e.g. in the Playstore). In case of a technical problem with the app, the time of resolution is difficult to predict so we recommend using the app on (webapp).
No, you can log in as normal and proceed to upgrade your device regardless of your number of accounts, as long as you log in to the account you have registered and the corresponding device you want to connect to the IQOS App.
The upgrade may take from 1 to 4 minutes. It mainly depends on whether you need the pocket charger and the IQOS cradle or just one of the two components.
Either the pocket charger or the IQOS holder or both may need upgrading, so proceed to check both parts at the same time.
No, it will not cause any problems to the device, you can connect it again and complete the process.
Through this option you can see the daily usages of the sticks, as well as those of the last week. It is a prerequisite that you agree to the terms of use.
The connection may be lost via mobile and Bluetooth. For this reason we recommend a cable connection.
Currently there are no App and software upgrades available for the Lil Solid device.
No, the history of upgrades is not displayed in the IQOS App. Only the current software version of the device is displayed.
For the correct operation of IQOS we recommend the use of the official IQOS charger and transformer during each charging. The connection time to the computer for upgrading the device is limited and does not affect the battery life.
Logging into the App requires logging into your account, so if you don't log in you can't upgrade the software yourself. We recommend that you validate your account in order to activate it with the necessary details to take advantage of the upgrade service and the rest of the services. Alternatively, you can visit an IQOS store where our partners will help you.
The functionality of the device does not depend on the software upgrade. However, the software upgrade may prevent some bugs that might occur in the future and will certainly benefit the performance of the device.
These products are not risk free and provide nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.